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Will Joe Biden face major challenges in 2024?

(CNN)Biden White House is trying to suppress whispers that may not run for the second term in 2024.

"Joe Byden is running for reelection. I will be his ticketmate."Harris told CNNearlier this week. "Full stop." (She later modified her remark to say "I intend" to run.)

Let's take a look at Byden's words. Let's do it. He is competing in the 2024 race.

Even if you do that, there is at least another question worth asking. Will Biden face major challenges?

"That's not what I encourage, but it's certainly possible,"said earlier this week, Governor of Illinois J.B.Pritzker. "We have seen it in the past."
This is interesting! He spoke at the New Hampshire Democratic Party Convention, especially whenPritzker was in New Hampshire earlier this month.

Is that so? right!

Now, before moving on, I decided to run here for a serious and credible major challenge to Byden and to bring the problem (or myself) into the limelight of the national media. It is important to distinguish from someone.

The latter is relatively possible. This is a kind of few candidates that don't really threaten Biden or get his attention in a meaningful way.

Despite Pritzker's comments, the former is rare.

The Democratic President was seriously challenged to nominate the party in the re-election bid unless incumbent Jimmy Carter responded to the complaint from Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy. It wasn't only in 1980.

Carter won the primary slightly, but the damage done by it had a considerable impact on his explosive loss in the general election to Ronald Reagan.

Yes, there is a comparison between Carter and Byden-at least at this stage of his presidency. Both men used economic stimuli to help lower unemployment rates and resume a slumping economy. And both had to deal with the resulting inflation. Neither man was very popular with the general public (or not in the case of Biden). And their liberal party base wasn't (and wasn't) looking at them.

But there is a reason why more than 40 years have passed since the Democratic president (or in fact any president) faced a serious major challenge. Dollar campaign and non-stop politics.

Even damaged things like Carter and Byden are very difficult to beat incumbents.

That said, Pritzker represents a unique challenge for Byden when he decides to run. His family owns a Hyatt hotel chain and his estimated net wealth is well over $ 3 billion. So if Pritzker wants to play against Byden in 2024, he won't lose due to lack of funds.

Point: History suggests that a serious major challenge to Byden is unlikely. But it's not impossible.