is too hot to handle in the grand tradition of,Snowflake Mountainis another Netflix reality competition series where hungry influencers and social media masters are completely out of their control. And if you thinkToo Hot'ssex ban is an impossible job, theSnowflake Mountaincast must do it in the wilderness. .. These Gen Z do not only have no parties or hookups, but also have to hike, hunt, sleep outdoors, and do manual labor. It's a nightmare for the cast, but it's a quality entertainment for Netflix subscribers.

This show is a Netflix hit and has chilled Streamer's top 10 TV shows on most of the shows so far, so the production team has another batch of privileged young adults. It's natural to think that it might be even worse. Poop outdoors or peel animals. And if there is more along the way, when can I see it?

Snowflake MountainIs there Season 2?

I don't know the answer yet. Netflix hasn't announced whetherSnowflake Mountainwill return to the next season, but that's not a reason to lose hope. Netflix often waits a bit for the next season of the show to turn green. Perhaps we are waiting to see how the first season progresses and whether the viewer actually sees the whole thing rather than bail after one or two episodes. Snowflake Mountainseems to be a hit, considering that it's still in the top 10 TV shows a week and a half after its premiere.

Snowflake MountainWhen will Season 2 be released?

Season 1 was filmed in the Lake District of England, sois probably in the fall and winter of 2021, and Netflix is ​​to start production in the season. I have a little time 2 You need to start in late autumn to get it up and running before shooting. Well, if they want to drop the second season at about the same time as Season 1. Therefore, if it's a schedule they plan to stick to,Snowflake MountainSeason 2 could be premiered. May 2023.

In the meantime, you can always re-watch theSnowflake Mountainand use it to plan your hike. Make sure that these contestants do nothing. Then everything is ready.