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Wisconsin, Minnesota, Vermont, and Connecticut primaries

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Key Takeaways from Tuesday's Primary Election

CNN as November's Major Contests Focus

Tim Michels greets supporters with his family at an election night rally on August 9 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. 
At an election night rally in Woukesha, Wisconsin, on Aug. 9, Tim Michaels greets supporters with his family.  (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Donald Trump  Tuesday Show again Republican His rule over the primariesheld. The former president's chosen candidate won the Republican gubernatorial primary in Wisconsinagainst a rival backed by former Vice President Mike Pence. and much of the party's establishment in battlefield conditions.

Meanwhile, in Minnesotaprogressive "squad" member Rep. Ilhan Omar won a surprisingly close race for a seat in the Minneapolis-based House of Representatives. .

 In VermontState Senate Speaker Pro Tempore Becca Balint paved the way for becoming the first woman to represent the state. proceeding in parliament. In

and Connecticut, Governor Ned Lamont and Senator Richard Blumenthal have won a Republican challenger in a reelection race they expect to win in November. did.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Tuesday's primary:

Wisconsin Republican rule collapses

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday again demonstrated his influence with the Republican Party . Tim Michels, owner of a Trump-backed construction company, defeated former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefish in the gubernatorial primary in Wisconsin.

Michelle's victory marks the end of his one era in Wisconsin. Creefish was endorsed by former Governor Scott Walker, who built a political machine that won his three gubernatorial elections, including the recall election.

She also has the endorsement of former Vice President Mike Pencewho has spent the last few months trying to keep Republicans away from Trump's election denial. and

This race was a re-enactment of the gubernatorial primary with a similar dynamic of recent weeks. In Arizona, a pro-Trump candidate who parroted out lies about election fraud defeated Pence-backed establishment supporters last week. And in Georgia, pro-Pence Gov. Brian Kemp, who denied Trump's lies about fraud in the 2020 election, fended off a challenger who supported Trump.

Vermont Democrats choose Balint for House seat

State Senate Speaker Becca Balint wins Democratic primary for Vermont's only House seat CNN's predictionset her on the path to becoming the first woman to represent a state in Congress.

Balint, backed by Senator Bernie Sanders, defeated Lieutenant Molly Gray, a more moderate candidate backed by retired Senator Patrick Leahy.

 House seat released as a result of Leahy's retirementRep. Peter Welch, who has held the seat since 2007, voted for her Leahy in the Democratic Senate primary. won seats. CNN predictsBalint will enter her November general election as the overwhelming frontrunner to win in November.

A former schoolteacher, Balint had the support of other leading progressive groups and politicians. Gray did not go so far as to express her formal endorsement, but she did garner support from more moderate state leaders, including Leahy, who said they voted for her. Former Vermont Governor. Howard Dean and Madeleine Kunin also endorsed Gray.

Wisconsin Senate Election Decided

The Wisconsin Senate General Election has been in tatters for several weeks. But on Tuesday night it started in earnest. Republican Senator Ron Johnson easily won the reelection primary, and Democratic Senate candidate and Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Burns won his bid to unseat the Republican seat.

The campaign began informally two weeks before her. Her three Democrats against Burns abstained from the election and supported the lieutenant governor.

The Johnson vs. Barnes race will be his one of the most watched campaigns of the 2022 cycle. Republicans have launched a series of attacks against Democrats who hold ties to former President Donald Trump and some progressive positions they believe are out of step with most voters in Wisconsin. Adopting a conspiracy theory has drawn the ire of Democrats.

Omar survived a surprising nail-biting

Minnesota legislator. Ilhan Omar survived a major challenge Tuesday, CNN predicted, but with barely and narrow results, critics of progressive 'squad' members let his two It may encourage you to try again in a year's time.

Omar, who is running for his third term in Minnesota's Fifth Congressional District, is former Minneapolis City Council member Don He Samuels and his other Postponed primary challenges from three Democratic primary candidates.

Samuels ran as a pro-police critic in response to Omar's call to "stop defending the police." Samuels and his wife sued the city of Minneapolis and succeeded in forcing the city's charter-mandated 741 officers to increase the police force.

The momentum behind what was widely seen as a long-term challenge after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey endorsed Samuels last week. He also had the support of a construction union, several suburban mayors, and his more moderate DFL leaders. His close call could inspire another effort to oust Omar in 2024.

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CNN Projection: Trump Supporter Tim Michaels Wins Wisconsin Republican Gubernatorial Primary 

From CNN Staff

Tim Michels speaks to the press after casting his vote in the primary election on August 9 in Hartland, Wisconsin.
Tim Michaels told reporters after voting in the Hartland primary on Aug. 9. Wisconsin. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Tim Michels wins Wisconsin Republican gubernatorial primary, CNN Project, defeats enemy Rebecca his Creefish.

The campaign was another proxy war between former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence. Trump endorsed Michels and former Vice President Mike Pence backed challenger Rebecca Kleefish, giving up the race.

Michels will face incumbent Democratic Governor Tony Evers, who is expected to be one of the nation's most competitive gubernatorial races this fall.

Michels thanked his supporters on Tuesday night, citing his business background, construction experience and military service.

"My number one priority as governor is to take care of the hardworking people of Wisconsin," Michels said, adding that in November Governor Evers would be made a "non-essential worker." promised

"I will never compromise my conservative principles, but there are so many people in Wisconsin who feel left out... We're going to make a lot of improvements, so promise it," said Michels.

He also acknowledged his endorsement of Trump. "It's been a tremendous validation of our meteoric rise in this campaign. He knows Madison needs new leadership," Michelles told the chant, "Drain the Swamp." rice field.

Michels entered the election campaign with millions of dollars of her own wealth and significant Trump endorsement. At a recent rally, Trump said Creefish was "a handpicked candidate for a failed regime, the RINOs."

Both candidates accepted Trump's lies about fraud in the 2020 election. Creefisch said the 2020 election was "rigged" but said he wouldn't deny the outcome because it wasn't legally possible. But Michels said at a debate that "everything is on the table," a move that seeks to strip President Joe Biden of proof of his victory in Wisconsin. I have indicated that I intend to teach

A former lieutenant governor, Creefish was also endorsed by former governor Scott Walker, who served as the state's second-ranked governor for eight years. 

CNN's Eric Bradner, Dan Merica, Gregory Krieg,Brian Rokus provided reporting for this post.

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CNN Prediction: Democrat Peter Welch beats Republican Gerald in the Vermont Senate race.

From CNN Staff

Rep. Peter Welch walks up the steps of the Capitol on April 28.
Rep. Peter Welch climbs the steps of the Capitol on April 28. increase. (Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call , Inc/Getty Images)

Rep. Peter Welch won Vermont's Democratic Senate primary, the CNN Project, and won the November general election. He will face Republican candidate Gerald Malloy in the election.

Both candidates defeated his two other challengers in each of Tuesday's primaries.

Candidates are running to fill the seat of retired Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy.

Welch, who has held a statewide legislative seat since 2006, announced a run for the Senate last year after Leahy said he would retire at the end of his term. 

Welch is the Deputy Chief of Staff on the House Democratic Caucus and has pushed for energy reform.

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CNN Prediction: Rep. Ilhan Omar Wins Democratic Nomination for Minnesota's 5th Congressional District

CNN Eric Bradner's

Rep. Ilhan Omar waves during a voter engagement event on the corner of Broadway and Central Avenues in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Tuesday, August 9.
Rep. Ilhan Omar marched Tuesday at the corner of Broadway and Central Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Waves at a voter engagement event held Aug. 9. (Elizabeth Flores/Star Her Tribune/AP)

Minnesota Congressman Ilhan Omar survived a major challenge Tuesday. He is a progressive 'squad' member who will try again in two years.

Omar, who is set to run for his third term in Minnesota's Fifth congressional district, will be elected from former Minneapolis City Councilman Don Samuels and his three other Democratic nominees. The CNN project, which overcame major challenges of .

Democrats now control four of his eight seats in the state, with Republicans holding three of his seats and one vacant seat for him.

Samuels ran as a pro-police critic against Omar's call to "stop defending the police." Samuels and his wife sued the city of Minneapolis and succeeded in forcing the city's charter-mandated 741 officers to increase the police force.

The momentum behind what was widely seen as a long-term challenge after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey endorsed Samuels last week. He also had the support of a construction union, several suburban mayors, and his more moderate DFL leaders. His dodgy call could inspire another effort to oust Omar in 2024.

Omar's victory comes the week after he also defeated his two other liberal members of the "squad," Missouri Rep. Cori Bush and Michigan Rep. Rashida Tribe. Returns the main issue.

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CNN Projection: In Wisconsin's 4th District, Republican Tim Rogers beats incumbent Democrat Gwen.

from CNN Staff

(From Rogers for Wisconsin)
from Rogers, Wisconsin

In Wisconsin's 4th congressional district, where Tim Rogers will win the Republican nomination, CNN's project will take on incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore in November. Moore is aiming for his 10th term.

Rogers defeated Republican challenger Travis Clarke, and Moore ran as an independent. Republicans now occupy his five of her eight seats in the state. 

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CNN Prediction: Democrat Keith Ellison will win the Republican nomination for Minnesota Attorney General. You'll face Jim Schultz

From CNN Staff

(Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune/AP)
(Glen Stubbe/Star Tribune/AP)

Incumbent Keith Ellison won the Democratic nomination for Minnesota Attorney General, CNN Project, and will face Republican nominee Jim Schultz in November.

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Trump privately told Republicans he was "decided" in 2024

Melanie Zanona from CNN

Former US President Donald Trump speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on August 6.
Addressing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas on August 6 Former President Donald Trump (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

As another primary round rolls out tonight in key states, Donald Trump Former President Trump told a group of House Republicans at a dinner at his Bedminster Golf Club this evening that he was "decided" to start the 2024 presidential election, according to Rep. Jim Banks, who attended the rally. ', but it is a matter of 'when' he will announce it.

A group of 12 Republicans, all members of the conservative Republican Study Commission, encouraged Trump to run "sooner or later," Banks said, adding that Trump is "upbeat," "upbeat," and "quite unperturbed."According to a recent FBI searchagainst his property in Florida.

``He was greatly encouraged to run in the room. It's just timing," Banks told CNN. "My sense is that he's fired up and ready, and he's got a lot of encouragement in the room to get out sooner or later."
309} CNN reported this evening how Trump supporters are urging Trump to speed up his run for president. After midterms.

At the dinner scheduled a few weeks ago, we also discussed oversight and investigation plans for the Justice Department in the event of a Republican majority. Which lawmakers they specifically talked about. Jim Jordan, who will chair the House Judiciary Committee, will hold Attorney General Merrick Garland "accountable" on "first day" and "provide an answer to what happened last night at Mar-a-Lago." You can," Banks said.

"It encouraged Republicans. It united Republicans," Banks said, noting that the FBI had seized Republican Rep. Scott Perry's cell phone. 

Trump also touted some of his recent victories beating House Republicans who voted for his impeachment, and looks forward to Tuesday when Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney faces off. He told lawmakers he was. A pro-Trump challenger in the primary, according to the bank.

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CNN Predicts: Democrat Sarah Rodriguez will challenge Republican Roger Ross for Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin 

From CNN Staff

(From Sara Rodriguez/Facebook)
(via Sarah Rodriguez/Facebook)

Sarah Rodriguez wins Wisconsin's Democratic primary for lieutenant governor, CNN Project, and faces Republican Roger Ross in November.

Roth defeated the crowded Republican party's main challengers.

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CNN Predicts: Scott Jensen Wins Minnesota Republican Gubernatorial Primary, Democrat Tim 

CNN's Eric Bradner, Dan Merica and Gregory Krieg

against Waltz From Scott Jensen speaks at a news conference outside the state capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota, on June 9.
Scott Jensen gives a press conference outside the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota on June 9th. (Steve Karnowski/AP)

Scott Jensen wins his CNN victory in Minnesota's Republican gubernatorial primary. He will face incumbent Democratic Governor Tim Waltz in November.

The medical doctor and former state senator was facing off against Joyce Lynn Lacy and Bob "Again" Carney Jr. The forum called the incumbent's mitigation measures early in the pandemic "an abomination of government overreach."

Jensen's past Covid-disparaging remarks, including past claims that hospitals were inflating case numbers to raise more stimulus money, were highlighted by the PolitiFact It was quoted in his 2020 post on "Lie of the Year". " He also called into question the safety and efficacy of vaccinations and advertised that he had not been vaccinated in the past year as he gained more political attention.

Jensen is also an outspoken critic of abortion, following a notable victory for abortion rights advocates in Kansas earlier this month, after a Democratic effort to define him as too extreme. Be sure to be on the front lines. Jensen appeared to soften his stance on abortion in late July, saying in a video on tape that he supports allowing abortions if he is a victim of rape or incest, or if his mother's life is threatened. said. He told Minnesota Public Radio that he would "try to ban abortions" as governor in March.

Waltz has attacked Jensen's abortion stance for weeks, viewing the general election as a referendum on the issue. "This is not a delicate position between me and my opponent," Walz said he in June. "This is far from the Grand Canyon in terms of how we look at women and how we look at health care."