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Woman sells vintage Cartier purse for over $9,000 after buying it for $1

She’s got the real-deal!

A North Carolina woman discovered a vintage Cartier bag she bought for just $1 was worth a lot more after she got back $9,450 for it at an auction.

Chandler West, 29, posted videos to her TikTok in amazement when realizing the bag she snagged off an online estate sales wasn’t just your average antique.

The bag, displayed on a site called Rago Auctions in one of the TikTok vids, is listed as a Cartier 1920’s art deco multi-gem and enamel handbag.

After buying the bag, West felt deep down inside she needed to take another look at it.

“I just thought it looked old,” she said in the video. “I was like, I don’t know where that’s from, but it looks old, like older than just vintage, like antique-level old.”

An eager West eventually got some help from a Facebook group well versed in vintage and antique pieces, telling her they thought it could be a Cartier bag.

The group suggested West take it to a jeweler, who told her there were 12 real diamonds on it.

West also said the jeweler pegged the bag’s value between just under $3,000 and $4,000.

Eventually, West took the prized possession to Rago Auctions before an unexpected bidding war revealed to her the bag was indeed the real deal.

Chandler West said the jeweler took an estimated guess on the the bag's value just under $3,000 and $4,000.

One of the TikTok clips shows an overjoyed West filming herself in disbelief as bidders keep ratcheting up their offers.

With her eyes glue’d to her computer screen, West realizes she hit the jackpot as the bag was worth well over the estimated price she was told.

“We’re at $7,500,” the auctioneer can be heard in one point of the clip — as West is overjoyed by what’s happening,

Chandler West filmed herself in shock over the bidders increasing their offers for the Cartier bag.

“Oh my God!” West says near the end of the vid.

Users flocked to the comment section in one of the TikTok vids West posted that gained more than 13.1 million views.

“How did you find that for a freaking dollar!” one user replied in disbelief.

“I’ll take this as a sign to start going to estate sales again,” another user commented.

One commenter mentioned the disbelief the initial seller could be in after seeing West cash in on the bag she got for a $1.

“Imagine the person who bought that bag seeing this video!” they replied.