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WWE Legend Lex Luger Speaks Candidly About Miss Elizabeth's Tragic Drug Death

Former professional wrestling star Lex Lueger has opened up about the overdose death of his then-girlfriend, Miss Elizabeth, who participated in a self-destructive cycle of drugs. rice field. alcohol.

Luger was the subject of the latest documentary in his A&E's "WWE Legends" series, which airs Sunday night.

The 64-year-old Luger episode was the first babyface to defeat the nWo "Hollywood" Hulk his Hogan for his WCW World Championship in 1997 on "Nitro" his jet. His coaster is a depiction of his career. It was a standout moment in the legendary "Monday Night War" between WCW and then-WWF, despite Luger dropping the belt to Hogan later that week. boss Eric Bischoff explained in a document that he did not want to sign with Ruger. Luger's character is an ultra-buff narcissist, and he didn't leave the promotion in good taste all those years ago when he joined the WWF. However, Ruger signed a "proof" contract worth about $150,000. This was a very low sum for WCW at the time, and he climbed the ladder with good demeanor and engaging TV performances.

Miss Elizabeth and Lex Luger.

Luger, whose real name is Lawrence Pfaul, teamed with Sting and Randy Savage. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash revealed Hogan as the third member of the nWo at the famous 1996 "Bash at the Beach" pay-per-view. Nash began destroying his opponents as fans threw hundreds of garbage projectiles into the ring.

More than a year later, when Luger defeated Hogan, WCW's locker room burst out into the ring and made an important statement. enjoyed the moment.

This was arguably the high point of Luger's career, but a toxic turn was coming.

Ruger and Miss Elizabeth, real name Elizabeth Ann Hewlett, began seeing each other. The two were married at the time. Miss Elizabeth is famous for being Randy Savage's wife on and off air, but they split years ago and she had another marriage.

“Obviously, there are things that neither of us should have done, but we have only progressed from there,” said Ruger.

Ruger's close friend and on-screen tag team partner Sting said the locker room was all about "What are you doing?" Relationship Opinion—"But I couldn't get through [them]."

"They had a secret relationship, but both were a little too involved in the pharmaceutical side of their recreational activities." ,” Bischoff said in the documentary.

Miss Elizabeth and Lex Luger during WCW "Nitro."

Luger looked back 20 to 25 years ago and thought he was on the decline. I am aware that I have been in an increasing spiral of drug and alcohol use.

Nash recalled Ruger going out partying until 4am after the show, waking up at 9am to work out and be ready to go to the next town.

Ruger believed at the time that he was so disciplined with his physique and career that he didn't think he could succumb to addiction.

In 2001, Vince his McMahon and his WWE acquired his WCW. "Nitro"'s skyrocketing ratings in the early days of the nWo era are now easily beaten by his WWE "Raw", and even more so with his WCW parent company Time by his acquisition of Warner by AOL, the company There was little desire left for professional wrestling.

Miss Elizabeth (c.) with Lex Luger (r.) and Kevin Nash (l.)

After a successful "proof" with Bischoff, a lucrative new contract Given. Luger had a big-money guaranteed deal for several years that WWE, which has a virtual exclusivity, an already successful roster, and a selection of basically every wrestler in the rest of the world, was untenable to match.

The idle time and large sums of money exacerbated Ruger's substance abuse problems, and Elizabeth co-opted into the crash.

"At the time, I was making a lot of really bad, selfish decisions in my life," Ruger said. said. "I wouldn't have admitted it at the time, but things were really heading into a dark place and things were spiraling out of control in a bad way."

Lex Luger

On May 1, 2003, Elizabeth suffered "acute toxicity from a combination of painkillers and vodka." She was 42 years old.

According to Luger's recollection, the cleaning lady was at home with them that day and felt that Elizabeth looked "fine." Ruger said he was warming food for her in the microwave, brought it to her, and after about 10 seconds realized she was cold. I said, 'Hey, Liz, get up, your food's going to get cold,' and she didn't answer," Luger said. "I knew it was weird. So I got up and tried to shake her, but she didn't respond. I called 911 immediately. I panicked."

Ruger told the 911 operator that Elizabeth did not appear to be breathing and was "frightened to death."

She was pronounced dead at Kenneston Hospital outside Atlanta.

``I was devastated. It was a woman," said Bischoff. "I felt that Rex had taken advantage of her and influenced her and put her down that path. I blamed Rex for a long time." Although he was never held responsible for the death, a search of his home found a large amount of steroids and prescription drugs.

Still, Ruger's downward spiral continued for several more years. more medicine. more alcohol. further arrested.

"I was actually sentenced to five years in prison for drugs," Ruger said. "I went back and went back to the same lifestyle. But worse."

Lex Luger puts IRS in the "Torture Rack" during a WWE match.

Ruger made a stretch that didn't care if he was alive or dead. And he even considered suicide.

Ultimately, Luger believes that Steve his Reverend Baskin, former Chaplin of Cobb County Jail, took an interest in his redemption and led him to the Christian path. .

"All my life I've just wasted it on money and other things. I've spent my whole life on the sinking sand," Ruger said of Reverend Steve's first He spoke about listening to a lecture at a church service. resistance. "I had visions of all the mansions, money, fame, and being on the beach with me and being swept away. My life had no real purpose or meaning."

"I went back to the hotel that night and couldn't eat or sleep. I called Pastor Steve and said, 'Something happened to me.' He came to my hotel room and shared with me the plan of salvation - the plan God has for all of us. i had never done that in my life. I cried when I finished. I was cleansed, asked for forgiveness, and fully promised that Jesus would come into my heart…I immediately felt at peace. I felt like I was power washed from the inside for the whole experience. "