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Xian closed as China discovered the first case of a new Omicron subvariety

(CNN)13 million people live in Xi'An, a city in northwestern China, and received the country's first report on Wednesday. Was partially closed. Outbreak of a new highly contagious Omicron subvariety, the fastthat dominates the United Statesand Europe.

According to local disease management authorities, the city recorded 18 Covid infections from Saturday to Monday, all of which are Omicron BA.5.2 subvariants.

BA.5.2 is a substrain of BA.5, already predominant in the United States, both previously infected with Covid-19 and fully vaccinated and boosted. It seems to escape the antibody reaction between. ,According to the researchers. This is the first time a

subvariant has been reported in China, one of the last places in the world, and it still adheres to the strict Zero Corona policy.

On Tuesday, Xian authorities announced a total restriction to close parts of the city for seven days starting Wednesday.

Bars, cinemas, gyms, libraries, museums and other entertainment, sports and cultural facilities have been closed. From weddings to meetings, restaurant meals and large gatherings were interrupted. City official Zhang Xuedong said at a press conference on Tuesday that all places of worship were closed and religious activities were banned.

According to Mr. Zhang, kindergartens and junior high schools were ordered to start their summer vacation early, and universities were told to blockade the campus.

Authorities also blocked nine residential areas classified as "high-risk areas" and banned residents from leaving the community.

"The seven-day temporary management measures aim to calm society as much as possible, reduce mobility and reduce the risk of cross-infection," Zhang said.

This announcement caused a turmoil among the residents of Xi'An. Many recalled the turmoil of the city's severe blockade over the month of December-January.

During the blockade of the entire city,constant complaints about food shortagesand the tragic scenes of critical patients, including severely pregnant women, were denied medical care.Shock and anger across the country.
Photos and videosposted on social media by Xi'an residents on Tuesday night show a large number of travelers outside the station, often with large bags and suitcases. Yes) is shown. Leave the city.
In Chang'an, the city, residents were ordered to take a large number of Covid tests from midnight Wednesday to 6am. Government Noticeallows them to leave the community, enter public places and use public transport only after taking the test.

As of Wednesday, Xi'An has reported 29 local infections.

Meanwhile, in Shanghai, on Tuesday authorities ordered a mass inspection of 12 of the 16 districts in response to a small number of new infections associated with karaoke bars.

The financial hub lifted the one-month blockade for most of the 25 million residents in June, but Covid's limits, from frequent testing to targeted blockages. Have received.

The city reported 24 locally transmitted cases of Covid-19 as of Wednesday.