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Xi Jinping leaves mainland China for the first time since the pandemic began

(CNN)Chinese leader Xi Jinping left mainland China for the first time since the start of the pandemic and arrived at {8. .. } Hong KongThursdayBefore the 25th anniversary of British to Chinese rule.

Xi spent two days at the financial hub, commemorating both the delivery on July 1st and the inauguration of the next Prime Minister, John Lee, who was appointed to Beijing. I will attend the official event. Police officer and security chief.

For about 900 days since Xi last left the mainland on January 17, 2020, his diplomatic activities have been limited to virtual summits and video conferences, especially important for his trip to Hong Kong. Giving sex.

Xi arrived in the city by high-speed train from Shenzhen, the border city of China, on Thursday afternoon. There he met a large crowd waving his flag and chanting all at once. ..

Then, as the colorful lion dance performed, he was led along the red carpet, adding to the hustle and bustle of drums, chanting, and trumpets.

Xi was first greeted by Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam and her top executives leaving Hong Kong. After exchanging a few words, Xi and his delegation slowly walked through the station, waving to the crowd and talking to other officials in attendance.

"It's been over five years since I last visited Hong Kong. For the past five years, I've been paying close attention to and caring for Hong Kong," Xi said in a brief speech that followed. I did. ..

"For the past few years, Hong Kong has endured tough challenges, overcoming risks and challenges. After overcoming the storm, Hong Kong emerged from vibrant ashes.

Leaving the Covid Bubble

Xi's arrival is in line with the predictions of typhoons that bring strong winds and rain, and whether there is a danger of leaving the mainland. Coming after weeks of uncertaintyChina's strict zero-covid bubbletravels to cities currently reporting more than 1,000 new covid cases per day. Under
Xi, Chinais isolated from the world by closing national borders, severely restricting travel, and pursuing a zero-tolerance approach to viruses}.
Xi reaffirmed its policy on Wednesday during a symbolic visit to Wuhan, a city in central China where thevirus first appearedin late 2019, "temporarily. I want to sacrifice a little economic growth. " "Rather than" harming people's health, "according to the state-run news agency Xinhua.

"When calculating total costs and profits, Covid's policy is the most economical and effective," said Xi, who has the ability to continue the zero-Covid approach to China "until the final victory." I added that there was.

Hong Kong is strongly influenced byBeijing's uncompromising health policy, implementing strict quarantine and border controls, and taking steps to reduce social distance. But so far, we have avoided such protracted cities. --Hong Kong precedes the widespread blockade or compulsory mass test Xi visits found in mainland cities such asShanghaiandXian

. I imposed a Covid limit. As of last week, top officials were banned from attending public events and restricted to using their own car while commuting. They are also tested daily for Covid and need to spend Thursday night at the quarantine hotel before the delivery ceremony on Friday.

Arrive at the modified city

Xi's last visit to Hong Kong to commemorate the delivery was the 20th anniversary of 2017, when the streets are full. became. Of democratic protesters.

However, no protests are expected this year. MostHong Kong democratization groupsdissolved after the city's drastic national security legislation was enacted two years ago.

Subsequent crackdowns imprisoned or expelled almost all of Hong Kong's leading democratic advocates, including activists and politicians.

According to police, none of the remaining organizations have applied for permission to make a peaceful protest during Xi's trip. The League of Social Democrats, one of the few existing democratic parties, said it would not make any protests after several members had met with the National Security Police.

The Hong Kong government has repeatedly defended the National Security Act, stating that it restored the order of the city, which was shaken by democratization and anti-government protests in 2019.

The venue was closed and the no-fly zone

Missing a chance, police increased security and closed the area near the main venue. Pedestrian bridges, highways and one train station in some of Hong Kong's busiest areas are temporarily closed on Thursdays and Fridays.

No-fly zones have also been established throughout the city's ports, limiting drone use during Xi's visit.

Authorities also severely restrict media access to delivery celebrations, far from the open press environment and bohemian local press years ago.

According to the Hong Kong Journalists Association (HKJA), at least 10 journalists working at local and international organizations have applied to cover events that have been rejected for "security reasons."

"Because the media is unable to send journalists to the scene, the HKJA expresses its utmost regret for the rigorous press arrangements made by the authorities for such a major event. "I will," the reporters said on Tuesday.