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After a history-challenging start, the Yankees now look pretty normal

When it looked like the Yankees were going to challenge the 1998 Yankees (and the 1961, 1939, and even 1927 Yankees), I found myself "I had a suggestion in my inbox from my boss to make a ripping column for the Yankees. 

But there it was. 

Oh my editor They call it the Yankees Concern Column, but you get the idea 

their world (and then for an hour or so mine 

The Yankees are no longer challenging historically great teams, seemingly mediocre these days, and this season is on par with other top teams. The Mets are among them 

Yeah, exactly the same score as our team went into Monday - 70-39 - plus, Who would have guessed that the Mets would end up looking like the Worldbeaters or the Yankees, the ones that get negative columns written about them. 

Believe it or not, The Yankees are actually a losing team in the last quarter of the season, going 18-21 in their last 39 years for a variety of reasons, and Aaron Judge, still the most valuable player If you don't think that's right about the judges, please re-evaluate your baseball priorities. 

Anyway,the judges need more helpNo team in '98 had ever gone on a five-game losing streak like this one, from the breakneck pace of its early days, Nestor Cortés, who worried us, maintained his spite. It's all else that worries us now. 

08/02/22 - New York Yankees left fielder Aaron Hicks strikes out
Jason Senes of the New York Post

If the Yankees management yes, they don't show it. 

"I like our team. We have strengths in every aspect of our roster," said general manager Brian Cashman. We're going through some tough times, but we'll do our best to navigate through things...and I hope you're flying high when it matters most." 

We've known all along that October matters. Certainly, a run difference of plus 201 doesn't lie. 

And let's not forget. Anthony Rizzo missing a few games or Giancarlo Stanton missing a few weeks is not a plus. Of course, the highest-earning teams have no excuses. The truth is they aren't working like they used to. 

The bullpen has never been the same since nearby Clay Holmes started looking like his Holmes in Pittsburgh. But there are many reasons for hope. The very talented Jonathan Roysiga is back, Zach Britton could be back in a few weeks, and Holmes-like Aroldis Chapman is starting to look like his old self. 86}

The Yankees supposedly saved themselves and his future a lot of heartache and frustration by finding a new home for Joey Gallo. From 718/212 (where he lived in Manhattan), he apparently moved to smaller markets such as Los Angeles.Anyway, in his absence, other people impersonate him.Aaron Hicks, 33 vs. I got over the 0 slump. 

Andrew Benintendi, one of Kansas City's best contacts in his hitters, is also in Gallo's territory (recording . 133 as a Yankee on Monday). Benintendi is a proven performer in Boston and the postseason, and usually in New York he's two good test grounds. But that still doesn't explain why he's hit so little since his arrival. 

On the other hand, he remains the only Yankee not vaccinated,and now he is only "open" to it. My suggestion: call former Royals teammate Whit Merrifield, who was traded to Toronto and chose to vaccinate or find another profession, to see if he's still growing horns. ask if there is Stay away from the internet during that time. 

Let's go back to the baseball part of the column. The Yankees' biggest problem, obviously, is their excellent rotation in the first half of the season. I figured I wouldn't be able to stay on the near-perfect path, but it's hard to believe that fatigue has reached its peak. And it's a good day. 

Gerrit Cole #45 of the New York Yankees reacts
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

His recent rotation ERA is It's 4.97. With a 25-game slide (at which point he's 9-16), it doesn't cut. We generally liked that they went on deadline. But with Jordan Montgomery (who closed them down as Cardinals a few days later) and him trading both J.P. They obviously wish Clark Schmidt and Luis Severino well. 

Foresight pick-up his Frankie Montas, unsurprisingly, was not at the Yankees debut funeral. Ultimately, assuming Cole pitches to either his contract, name, or track record, he should give them a nice one-two punch. 

But that's on paper. is. And so far it looks much better on paper than it does on diamond.