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Yankees pitching coach Matt Blake will be in the open market this offseason

Cleveland — Aaron Judge may not be the only free agent the Yankees need to worry about this offseason. 

Pitching coach Matt Blake, who has been acclaimed for the Yankees' excellent performance on the mound this season, will also be on the open market. 

And after Twins pitching coach Wes Johnson departed in the middle of the season, he got the same job at LSU, raising about $ 400,000 a year for about $ 750,000 worth of transactions. It was reported. Successful pitching coaches seem to be in ever higher demand. 

"Whenever I see someone in a similar skill set go and do something that says" funny "," Blake said on Friday with the Yankees Guardians in Progressive Field. Thesaid before the match was postponed due to rain. "You see the market moving. When I came to Cleveland and got promotions and salary increases because the industry continued to seek my skill set. It's the same here and now." 

Matt Blake
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Blake said he wasn't going to move on. .. 

"I love being here and I love my role," Blake said. "I like the people I work with. I have no ambitions to go to other teams or college ranks." 

But that's what he sees in the off-season. It doesn't mean that you don't keep it open — and he paid particular attention to Johnson's move. 

"He is fairly compensated for what the industry is currently thinking," Blake said. "There is a huge market for developing pitching and he intends to raise the bar for many. If he's trying to turn a minor league free agent into a good pitcher, he says he's not worth it. Difficult. You can call it a million dollars. This is what you saw in this direction, and now it's a question of who is willing to compete in the arms race. " 

The Yankees need to decide. 

The Yankees entered the MLB Best 2.92ERA on Friday, and Blake was recognized for the success of Nester Cortes and Clay Holmes' turnaround and pitching staff as a whole. 

"I want them to do what they think is right for their business," Blake said. "I accept what they have to say and think on my side. Obviously, I like being here. It's an interesting time to be a major league pitching coach." 

Matt Blake, Nestor Cortes
NYPOST Corey Sipkin

Especially in the team major with the best record. 

Blake is in his third year as a Yankees pitching coach after coming from Cleveland, who was a minor league pitching director. 

"I'm well compensated now," Blake said. "What does that mean for New York City's best baseball team and our performance? What do they think it's worth? I work for these people And I think they like to take me here. What does that mean for both sides? " 

Lived in New York when he got a job The concerns that were the grind of the major league season have been answered, Blake said. 

"Everything was great, how can I keep doing this?" Blake said. "Let's see what it looks like at the end." 

Manager Aaron Boone hopes not to do so. 

"He was great," Boone said. "He's getting better and better at work and now feels like he's showing his presence .... He's a good pitching coach. He can do as much as he wants.