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Yellowstone plans to restart its north loop and discontinue its limited capacity system.

Christina Maxouris, CNN • Published June 30, 2022

(CNN) — The North Loop in Yellowstone National Park is all on Saturday after the Floodswallows roads and bridges. It will be resumed by the visitor. A landslide occurred and authorities were urged to close allentrances to the park.

"We tried to balance major recovery efforts while reopening as much of the park as possible," said Yellowstone National Park Director. Cam Sholy said in a statement.

Parks and neighboring towns spanning parts of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are dangerous as they are flooded withunprecedented rainfall and floodsearlier this month. The conditions that went into the state, authorities said earlier. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the rapid snowmelt that led to heavy rains and floods along the Yellowstone River was aonce event every 500 years.
The park reopened the South Looplast week, accessible from the East, West and South entrances. It is based on the desired alternative license plate system. It will slow down visitor traffic, officials said.
In Thursday'snews release, the National Park Service announced that Yellowstone will suspend the system from Saturday.

"The interim system worked very effectively to mitigate traffic in the park, but the north loop is open and 93% of the road system is open. (Alternating license plate system) will be suspended on July 2nd. " “Park staff will continue to monitor visitor usage data, traffic counts, and infrastructure status over the next few months to ensure that visitor usage isn't overwhelming.”

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Park service officials added that the north and northeast entrance roads remain closed for vehicles while repairs continue.