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"Another mass shooting" will be left to further increase US support

This week's Independence Day massacre on the outskirts of Chicago highlights the challenges currently facing US law enforcement and Homeland Security officials. A signal for authorities to detect in advance.

The US Department of Homeland Securityhas been warning formonths about "dynamic and complex" threat environments. Recently, last month's State Sponsor of Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) bulletin warned: Factors ranging from personal dissatisfaction to current events can trigger the next attack and can target public rallies.

Still, even with that knowledge, authorities could not find any signs or evidence to stop the shootings in Highland Park, Illinois. Seven people were killed and injured in the parade on July 4th. At least 30 people.

"The shootings look completely random," Chris Koveli, a spokesman for the Lake County Sheriff's Office, told reporters Tuesday. Racially motivated and motivated by religion or other protected status. " Robert Climo III was devoted to violence.

An ambitious musician whose stage name is Awake the Rapper, Kurimo recently posted an ominous and violent video and song on a social media site.

Officials said Kurimo also got police attention twice. He attempted suicide in April 2019 and threatened his family in September of the same year.

In addition, law enforcement officials said Climo seems to be planning. He attacks the parade for several weeks, buys rifles, and plans and plans for a selective escape.

Chairs and belongings are seen left behind at the scene of a mass shooting at a Fourth of July Parade in downtown Highland Park, Illinois, July 5, 2022.
Chairs and belongings were left behind at the shooting scene. At the July 4th parade in downtown Highland Park, Illinois, on July 5th, 2022.

So how did Kurimo fly under the radar?

Some terrorism and security experts point out that the suspect does not seem to agree with an easily recognizable ideology.

"It's too early to say why Highland archers were motivated, but his scattered online profiles show his presence in a disturbing, violent and nihilistic space. It certainly shows, "said Amarnath Amarasingam, a terrorist researcher at Queens University. Religion in Ontario, Canada.

"Many of the very vague Internet subcultures are pushing young people towards their limits," Amara Singham told VOA. "These spaces are deliberately designed to separate individuals from reality and weaken their restraints on engaging in violence."

In addition, Amara Singham states that these sites "separate individuals". Encourage them to consider inconsistencies and nonsense as virtues. "

It's more culture than it can be confusing.

"The traditional extremist framework struggles with this because we are trained to demand a certain level of consistency in our ideology. This is not the case," Amara Singham said. Said. "People watching his attendance at Trump's rallies and more will miss a key part of this story.

In a statement on Tuesday, US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mallorcus Described the July 4 attack on the Highland Park Parade as "another mass shooting," and promised that his department would double its efforts to prevent future tragedy.

"We need more security in our hometown," Mallorcus said in his statement. “We all need to work together to address the epidemic of targeted gun violence, including the development and implementation of new community-based models of prevention and intervention.”

Land What federal officials can do about gun access, whether it's the Ministry of Security or other agencies, is especially in last month's Supreme Court ruling (defeated). Later, it is unknown. New York State Gun Control Law as Unconstitutional.

For now, Homeland Security officials say they will focus on initiatives such as preventive programs and partnership centers that provide financial resources and other support to communities across the country to prevent youth intensification. I am.

US states are also providing support to their communities.

The New Jersey Department of Homeland Security (NJOHSP) told VOA on a regular basis to "track events and work closely with communities, organizers and venues to prevent potential threats. We support mitigation and response. "

" We encourage communities, businesses, and the general public between faiths to connect with local law enforcement agencies, "NJOHSP emails. Added in. “These partnerships are better built before a potential crisis occurs.”

Members of the FBI's evidence response team walk the scene one day after a mass shooting in downtown Highland Park, Illinois, July 5, 2022.
Members of the FBI's evidence response team will walk the scene the next day. Mass shootings in downtown Highland Park, Illinois, July 5, 2022.

However, there are concerns that such programs are inadequate.

"Generally, from a certain ideological point of view, there is resistance because of the historical distrust of what the federal government has done," said Risk Assistance Analyst. Sam Liechtenstein said. Exchange with network, also known as RANE.

"But even a community that is more tolerant of some of these things can have as many local governments as they want to participate with interest, but if that doesn't really filter out. Local grassroots is the most difficult, but unlikely to actually succeed, "he told VOA.

There are also doubts about the credibility of relying on Americans to report concerns — and then get the help needed for those heading for violence.

"The tragic thing here [Highland Park], and what we see in many of these incidents, is that we all now look back and find the red flag of some sayings. That's what RANE's Lichtenstein said.

"Violent and stimulating rhetoric is being normalized in society, making it most certainly difficult to derive real concerns from social media and other statements." He said. "For many, hearing about things doesn't immediately trigger them.'Oh, I should report this.'