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Do you want me to be a pizza? Amazing winner of the latest New York style feud

What is better than New York pizza? New York Pizza FeudSay hello to the fierce battle of Bellucci, one of the city's roughest flour dusters.

It is no exaggeration to say that the owners of Bellucci Pizza and Bellucci's Pizzeria, just eight blocks away in Astoria, hate each other.

This story tells the story of Leoda Kumac, owner of Bellucci Pizza on 30th Avenue more than a year ago, with then-chef Andrew Bellucci, famous for Lombardy and Jaws, the iconic big apple pizza joint. It started when I started arguing.Bellucci had his beef with Duck Mac. Only a year after the restaurant opened, thefighting duo stopped everything

Simply put, Bellucci had his own Pizzeria. rice field. Things started to cool down like a pie waiting under the plexiglass down the block. Then last week, Duck Mac decided to move on to another round. He is suing Bellucci in federal court for trademark infringement and defamation.

Three slices of New York-style pizza from Bellucci's Pizza in Astoria, Queens.
Stephen Yang
Two pizza slices on a pizza tray at Bellucci Pizza in Astoria, Queens.
Stephen Yang

On the other hand, there are two restaurants with almost the same name on the same Queens Street, both offering decadent vodka-roni slices, so of course customers Is confused. Google's name and the other's name may appear first. But we leave the good and evil to the lawyer and work on what the pizzeria wants to know: which place makes the best pizzeria.

The answer is clear. Keeping in mind that the whole pie just out of the oven is better than the individual slices in both places, it's Andrew Bellucci's Pizzeria.

A busy restaurant floor at Bellucci's Pizza in Astoria, Queens.
Stephen Yang

Bellucci's Pizzeria has an indoor table and some outdoor seating. I have. Bellucci himself is usually there. His picture decorates the place, even a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom.

Bellucci Pizza only has a counter to order. Duck Mac said he applied for a beer and wine license, but there is still no liquor in either place.

Bellucci Pizza — As the name implies, we've traded Andrew's presence a lot since day one — no bad pie. There are ordinary ones.

The crust was crisp enough. However, their basic mozzarella cheese and tomato slices were dry and shallow. Despite the website's opposition claims, the small island of Lioni Latticini cheese was not melted at all.

A rectangular pizza from Bellucci Pizza in Astoria, Queens.
Stephen Yang
A classic margherita pizza from Bellucci's in Astoria, Queens.
Stephen Yang

This is a common slice of the kind available in hundreds of places, and one visit came across the counter much better than another. .. Unstable quality may be the result of using an electric oven. Dakmak states that the cooking temperature will be changed from 550 degrees to 700 degrees.  

The "show stopper" of the house, Wokkaroni, didn't let me stand up. The pepperoni slices were tough and unobtrusive. But the worst part was the eerie orange vodka tomato sauce with less flavor and too much cream.

Leo Dakmak pictured in front of his pizzeria, Bellucci.
Stephen Yang
Andrew Bellucci standing, arms folded, in front of Bellucci's Pizzeria in Astoria, Queens.
Stephen Yang

On the other hand, in Bellucci's Pizzeria, the gas oven is consistently set to 650 degrees. The crust was well inflated of all kinds. Margherita with fresh shrike and rich tomato sauce surpassed the "classic New York" type with aged cheese and less sauce. I want more olive oil: With my money, there's nothing better than the number of Ray oozing and ruining clothes in thebasic slice category

White magic is really magical Made: Half a dozen cheeses (Fresh Moss, Ricotta, Provolone, Parmesan, Pecorino Romano, Parmesan Reggio). Not only is the taste clear, but the difference in cheese density has changed the chewing experience when we chew happily.

Pizza boxes at Bellucci's in Astoria read "#therealbelluccis"
Stephen Yang

This time, vodka was a pizza deresistance — A very tasty triangle of rich, nutty, bright red tomato sauce, made with vodka and creme fresh and topped with spicy pepperoni. A warning is displayed. Do not try to eat by hand.

My advice: Ignore the screaming match and just eat.

Bellucci Pizza, 2904 30th Ave., Astoria; 718-971-1074,

Bellucci's Pizzeria 37-0830th Ave. , Astoria; 718-407-2497,Belluccis. com

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