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A young mom was shot dead on the Upper East Side, a victim of domestic violence: police officer

A young mother, who was shot and killed while walking a three-month-old babyon the Upper East Side, was the victim of domestic violence. — And police are trying to talk to the child's father in connection with the killing, family and law enforcement sources said Thursday. 

Victims identify her mother as 20-year-old Azsia Johnson and tell her relatives that she plans to meet her baby dad on Wednesday night. I sent a text message.

"She was targeted. It was a close combat and there were burns," said a senior police officer.

Johnson was attacked by her ex-boyfriend in Jamaica, Queens about six months ago and was pregnant with his child for six months. Her broken heart mother, Lisa DeSoto, told the post. 

After a quarrel, Desert said her ex-boyfriend "stalked" her daughter and continued to harass her. They sought help from the police, but she claimed he was not arrested. 

"We called the precincts many times and told the [domestic violence] unit about stalking and the dire situation. They told him the apartment he lived in. Even if he knew it, he couldn't be caught and arrested, "the mother continued. 

NYPD investigates the scene at E. 95th St. between third Avenue and Lexington Avenue
Daniel William McKnight
NYPD officers investigate the scene of the shooting.

"The city couldn't protect my daughter." 

NYPD immediately requested comment Did not return to. Law enforcement sources confirmed that Johnson was previously a victim of domestic violence and that her shooting death was essentially "domestic." 

Investigators want to talk to the former Prime Minister in connection with the murder, and he is considered a person interested in the murder, sources said.

At around 8:25 pm Wednesday, Johnson was walking his toddler in a carriage near the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 95 Street. At that time, the perpetrator in her black hoodie and sweatpants shot her head once. She ran away from the scene. 

New York City mayor Eric Adams and NYPD commissioner Keechant Sewell Address the media at the scene of a shooting involving a 20-year-old woman
Daniel William McKnight

She was taken to Metropolitan Hospital and she Was declared there she died. The child was unharmed.

DeSoto, who was distraught and unable to speak on the phone, called her daughter with her big dreams "an extraordinary young woman" in her text message.

"She worked hard and she dreamed of becoming a pediatric nurse in the near future," Desert wrote.

Johnson lived in a Bronx apartment with her mother and her sister, but according to her law enforcement and building neighbors, she was in and out of the shelter system last year. .. 

"Someone came and talked to my mother last night ... and she just started screaming," My baby is dead, my baby is dead! "... and they Everyone left, "said an unwanted neighbor to share their name. 

"Asia gave birth to its baby just three months ago. She is a beautiful girl."

Thursday morning, police said one near the shooting site. It was seen towing a Lexus SUV with an obvious ammunition hole above the arch of the right front wheel that was parked at night. 

Vehicle owner Julio Cruz, 62, wants to help police officers track down murderers. 

"The policeman said that the hole in my car was the size of a bullet, and the bullet was probably still in the car," Cruz told the post, he said on Wednesday. He added that he didn't see the hole. afternoon. 

"They inspect the car and try to find a bullet ... I hope they find something useful in this case."