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The zoo introduces the public to the endangered sun bears rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

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Cambodian sun bears, Jamran and Bofa couldn't get off to a great start in life, but after wildlife organizations rescued them and moved them to the Perth Zoo in South Perth, Australia, they Luck has improved.

The zoo recently showed animal lovers behind the scenes of a health checkup for two bears on Facebook.

The bear has been at the Perth Zoo for 15 years, but the zoo has "regular health checks" to show that Jamlan and Bofa are"in the shape of a tip." "A few years later, the two bears were" victims of illegal wildlife trade. "

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Each vulnerable bear is poached as a Cubs and before arrival I lived in an inappropriate state. At the zoo in January 2007.

Jamran was found to be monopolized in a Cambodian restaurant that was kept as a menu choice. Confinement caused long-term damage to Jamran's legs.

Meanwhile, Bofa is kept as an "illegalfamily pet"

I was there. 35} Wildlife veterinarians at the Perth Zoo in Australia are shown conducting a health checkup while the sun bears are under anesthesia.

A wildlife veterinarian at the Perth Zoo in Australia shows that a sun bear is undergoing a health check while anesthetized. (Perth Zoo)

At the zoo's veterinary hospital, medical professionals monitor Jamran and Bofa's physical condition, dental health, and joint mobility. increase.

"Bears have come from a tough beginning, and our coordinators spend a lot of time developing relationships with them to ensure they feel comfortable. "The coordinator of communication with Kaley Martin Media, a senior at thePerth Zoo, told Fox News Digital. 

Sun bears grow naturally in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, and there are two subspecies of different sizes (sun bears and Borneo sun bears). 

Activities for bears include "many-handed feeding and strengthening training," Martin said.

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Bear, Australia's wildlife conservation and animal welfare organization The group that released and rescued Jamran and Bofa. This organization works with Asian communities and governments to save sun bears.

The two animals were moved to the Perth Zoo at the ages of 6 (Jamran) and 4 (Bofa) and were first released in February 2007.

Fast forward in 2022 — and bears regularly receivehealth checks, special diets and strengthening activities.

This month's health checkup found that Jamran and Bofa were healthy and needed only "excellent tooth scale and brushing to remove tartar buildup."

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Perth'sSenior Veterinarian, Rebecca Vaughan Higgins, said: Zoo Veterinary Hospital, press release. 

"We would like to pay attention to his feet and make sure there are no pain or mobility problems. He was treated, "she continued.

Perth Zoo added that Jamran and Bofa "look healthy at their age."

According to National Geographic, sun bears can usually live up to 25 yearsin the wild

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The oldest sun bear in the world Tsuyoshi, a male bear who lived at Tokuyama Zoo in Yamaguchi Prefecture until he was 32 years old.

Sun bears grow naturally in the tropical forests ofSoutheast Asia, and there are two subspecies of different sizes (sun bears and Borneo sun bears). 

Sun bears Jamron and Bopha have been with the Perth Zoo for 15 years. Free the Bears, an Australian wildlife conservation and animal welfare organization, rescued the animals prior to January 2007. 

Sun bear Jamron and Bofa for 15 years Perth Zoo. FreetheBears, Australia's wildlife conservation and animal welfare organization, rescued animals before January 2007.  (Perth Zoo)

Usually they are black fur with brown patterns and curved claws. They can grow between 4 and 5 feet in length. It weighs between 60 and 150 pounds. 

The exact population is uncertain, but according to the World Wildlife Fund, an international conservation and non-profit organization, sun bears are considered vulnerable. 

Poaching, resource depletion, and habitat loss are considered threats to sun bears.

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