Bobcat family relaxs and hangs out on woman’s porch

Earlier this month, a woman named Kathy Maniscalco was excited to have some unexpected visitors who decided to drop by her place in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a bobcat family, including a mother bobcat and her adorable babies.

Xem Video: Bobcat family relaxs and hangs out on woman’s porch

The furry family walked up and plopped down on her porch right by a window. The mother lied on the porch and nursed her three little babies. After their bellies were full, they sprawled out for a nap.

After that, Maniscalco spotted two more kittens hiding up in the porch. In fact, there were actually five baby bobcats in total. While their siblings were present for mealtime and naptime, they explored the structure surrounding the porch.

Maniscalco quickly captured the great moments of the bobcat family relaxing on her front porch and shared them on Facebook. It’s not surprising that the pictures and video are going viral and capturing everyone’s hearts.  

“Oh, lo and behold there were babies, babies that were having their milk snack. I thought, ‘Oh this is just too good to be true! What a gift!’ So I just kept recording little video clips and they stopped feeding then they started, in another video that I posted, they started playing. They were relaxing. They were stretching. We got to see their beautiful spotted tummies and the momma cleaning them and it was just so amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes because I was literally 6 inches away from them. They did not mind at all my iPhone recording them.”

After about four hours, the bobcat family moved on. “We’re still amazed we got so much footage through the windows!” she wrote.

“They’ve had like 150.000 views and 3.500 shares,” she said. “I’ve had people, total strangers, reach out to me on Facebook Messenger thanking me for posting them because they just needed to see something beautiful in nature like this to help them get through these crazy times.”

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