The moment the Pakistani plane exploded

The Airbus A320 abruptly dropped its nose, lost its altitude and then plunged into the residential area and exploded, although the pilot tried to save the plane.


The moment the Pakistani plane exploded

The video was posted on Twitter by the Rjimranofficial account of the Airbus A320 suddenly dropping down and losing altitude, after which the pilot seemed to have tried to control and control the plane horizontally.

The sneheshphilip Twitter account posted a video extracted from a security camera that showed the plane gliding through a residential area and crashing to the ground, exploding and igniting. A witness said the plane crashed into a telecommunications tower and hit houses.

The Pakistan International Airlines Airbus A320 (PIA), codename PK 8303, carries 91 passengers and 7 crew members taking off from Lahore. The plane lost contact with the air traffic control station around 2:30 pm on May 22, then crashed into a residential area in Karachi city, southern Pakistan.

The cause of the accident is said to be a technical problem. PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan and several witnesses said the plane circled many times before it hit the ground.

Many debris houses collapsed or damaged, many fires broke out at the scene of the accident. Rescuers have found more than 80 bodies and are continuing to search under the rubble.

At least two passengers survived the crash, including Zafar Masood, the president of the bank of Punjab province. Many children were rescued by accident workers, soldiers and locals.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said "extremely shocked and sad", affirming that Pakistan will investigate the accident soon. The incident occurred a few days after Pakistan resumed its commercial flights after a downtime because of a travel restriction order to prevent nCoV.

The most tragic aviation accident in Pakistan occurred in 2010, when an Airbule Airbus A321 crashed on the outskirts of Islamabad, killing 152 people. The cause of this accident stems from the pilot’s fault.

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