Dr M: Nobody can use my name to profit commercially

BANGI: Nobody is allowed to use my name to profit commercially, says Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahahir Mohamad.

He said that there was too much fake news and rumours with no basis and people tend to exaggerate their meetings with him.

He was asked about a watch hoax in the Prime Minister's Office recently which was exposed by The Star.

"There is much fake news and rumours with no basis. I did not see the brochure (offering the watch). Nobody can use my name. I did not allow them (to do so) but when I walk past them, they say they have met with the PM," said Dr Mahathir.

He was speaking to the media after launching the Malaysia Future Leaders School alumni convention on Friday (Nov 22) here in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

On Nov 19, The Star reported that dozens of people ordered luxury watches engraved with the signature of the Prime Minister and parted with their money, not realising that there was no such product.

However, the Prime Minister’s Office said that the plan to relieve people of tens of thousands of ringgit was ordered to be halted immediately after Dr Mahathir himself was alerted.

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