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BRS Candidate Jazelie Azueta is Kicked Out of U.D.P.

Sep 5, 2023

BRS Candidate Jazelie Azueta is Kicked Out of U.D.P.

Former Belize Rural South Standard Bearer, Jazelie Azueta has been expelled from the United Democratic Party, following the political fracas that ensued over the weekend during the National Party Council.  As we’ve reported, Azueta and another member of the U.D.P. executive in that constituency issued a public statement drawing distance between supporters of the party on the island town and the central executive, in respect of a protest that was scheduled during the 2023 Belize Investment Summit.  According to party leader Shyne Barrow, Azueta was free to voice her opinion internally, but taking to social media to issue a public statement went against the party’s position that such matters should be handled in-house.  Earlier today, Barrow spoke with the media and shared with us what has transpired since the NPC meeting.

Shyne Barrow

Shyne Barrow, Leader of the Opposition

“Internally, I believe there are mechanisms by which you can present your criticisms, your dissatisfactions, but externally, that should never take place, and so the central executive met and we decided that it was totally outrageous and unacceptable and we recommended to the National Party Council that the standard bearer be removed because we found out that it was not the entire executive.  The executive supplicated to us that they were not even aware that a public statement was issued, until it was actually issued.  The secretary, herself, said that she wanted to cry and she asked that it immediately be retracted and it fell on deaf ears.  So we ascertained that it was only the standard bearer and the chairman who resigned.  Her chairman resigned and so we went to the NPC which the NPC allows everyone the opportunity to be heard.  So even though the central executive recommended it and this, we’re celebrating fifty years of the United Democratic Party.  So these are the mechanisms in place before me and will be in place after me, and the National Party Council, by a vote of fifty-seven or sixty to twelve decided that the recommendation of the central executive, not Shyne Barrow, because I am going to take legal action against these people that are putting out these untruths.  I did not ask that anybody be removed or expelled.”