Papua New Guinea
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MoU Paves Way Forward

This MoU paves the way forward for both associations to strengthen their work in terms of gender-based violence and sorcery accusation related violence in respective communities and in the country as well.

Present to deliver the keynote address was Founder of HRDA PNG, Linda Tule who spoke of the MoU and the work that HRDA do.

She said, “The purpose of the MoU is to safeguard and empower women, girls and people in respective communities to know and claim their rights to live life in all its fullness without fear of violence.”

She added that the initial plan of the agreement was to train HRDs.

President and Founder of Enga Sori Mama Association, Lydia Kitungu said she was honoured to join her network of over 18, 680 members comprising of women and men, girls and boys, orphans and those living with a disability.

These individuals will help to collaborate with HRDA and have them trained to take steps in addressing the ongoing issues of violence in society.

“I started this association because I saw that most women and girls were neglected. Also because there is no good communication in the family and home,” she said.

Mrs Kitungu said she has helped many through the association who have faced discrimination due to living with HIV & AIDS.

“Reason for me to partner with HRDA PNG is because we face GBV and SARV in the provinces that are too high. Because I have the network connecting all the six districts in Enga, I feel I am in the right position to sign the MoU.

“HRD will train the women on how to understand their rights and know the difference between right and wrong to improve the standard of living in the communities.”

The European Union Head of Operations, Rene Mally said women give birth to the generation of men and if they can be able to construct an upbringing of respect in their sons towards all women then violence has a least effective hand in society.

“It is really sad to know that women and girls cannot feel safe in public and also in many homes. Most GBVs happen at home and behind closed doors and it also reflects in public. All those perpetrators have been raised by a mother and child raising has to address that matter of GBV from the very beginning, so as to remind them that violence is not a solution,” said Mr Mally.

The event was concluded with the signing of the MoU in the presence of both association members, representatives from the US Embassy, CIMC and guests.