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Fox News miażdży CNN, MSNBC w listopadowych rankingach

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W sumie się z nim zgadzam w tej kwestii; to są wg niego cztery błędy w odpowiedzi na covid których średnio rozgarnięty ośmiolatek nie powinien popełnić:

First: while a new respiratory disease was breaking out in the Eastern Hemisphere, flying airplanes full of warm sniffly hosts from there to the Western Hemisphere.

Second: after it took two days to invent a defense against the disease, spending eleven months deciding to use it. Then, eleven months later, not already having made enough for everyone.

Third: doing Chinese-style “lockdowns,” but enforcing them on the American “honor system,” so that they don’t actually work and have to be imposed forever.

Fourth: caring intensely about making everyone wear a mask, while not caring at all whether it’s a real respiratory filter or a paisley do-rag bandana.


Imagine telling your eight-year-old that we had the tools to prevent 250,000 deaths, but we didn’t do it, and we shouldn’t have done it. The poor kid will assume he lives in some kind of insane Carthaginian death-cult. Let’s have a look at why he’s wrong.

The problem with your eight-year-old is that he will apply a puerile, pseudo-rational standard of mere risk-benefit analysis. He will reason that the risk-benefit profile of taking any of the vaccines is positive, because it might work; even if it doesn’t work, it probably won’t hurt you; even if a vaccine does start hurting people, the scientists will notice and stop giving it; and all these risks are way lower than the risk of the disease.

Szury by się gotowały jakby to przeczytały ale pewnie większość angielskiego nie zna na szczęście ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A przyczyna czemu szczepionki nie były wypuszczone rok wcześniej:

the interests of the public-health authorities can and do conflict with the interests of the patients. For example, delaying a vaccine for a year may kill 250,000 people, but it does surprisingly little damage to the trust of Americans in the public-health industry.

The event seared into the mind of every vaccine researcher is the 1976 swine-flu scare. 45 million Americans were vaccinated with an emergency vaccine for a “pandemic” flu strain that turned out to be a non-problem. 1 in 100,000 got Guillain–Barré syndrome.

True: giving 450 people a serious, even life-altering, even sometimes deadly disease, seems much smaller than letting 250,000 people die—forgetting even the crazy year it has given the rest of us. Or so an eight-year-old would think.

But again, your eight-year-old just has no clue. He is thinking only of the patients. For the institutions, however—who employ the experts, who have the lambskins they need to talk to the New Yorker and be unquestioningly believed—it’s the opposite. Actively harming 450 people is much bigger than passively letting 250,000 die. Sorry, Grandma!

I sama kwestia wytwarzania szczepionek:

The problem is not that it takes a year to cook up a bathtub of RNA, which is basically just cell jism, and blend it with a half-ton of lard. It does take a year, though, to build a production line that produces an FDA-approved biological under Good Manufacturing Practices. It’s quite impressive to get this done and it wasn’t cheap neither.

The reader will be utterly unsurprised to learn that good in this context means perfect. As the saying goes, the perfect is the enemy of Grandma.

Ok dość ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)