Po pijaku za kierownicę. Policja zatrzymała dziennikarza

Football news:

Several members of the Barca board of directors demanded that Koeman be dismissed. Laporta does not believe in the coach, but until he fires him, the future of coach Ronald Koeman at Barcelona is in question
Lokomotiv starts the way in the Europa League with Marseille. How will the match end?
A powerful duel between Ancelotti and Inzaghi: the starting plan is for Simone, the substitutions are for Carlo. And the best is Courtois
Milan survived after a hellish start and even found a vulnerability in the pressure of Liverpool. But at half-time Klopp fixed everything
Before Loco, Sychev played a year in Marseille: he led the club to the Champions League, became a favorite of the Velodrome, but goals were hard
This is the brightest event since the beginning of the century. Brugge easily coped with the three of Messi-Neymar-Mbappe (1:1)
Sampaoli is building a unique Marseille - there are simply no such teams in Europe. Players change 5 positions per match