After primaries, here are ten questions

With primary season behind us and 50 days between now and Election Day, here are 10 questions to consider between now and the November general elections:

1. How will the Democratic midterm results shape the field and agenda of 2020 presidential hopefuls? 

The high-profile progressive candidates who knocked off more establishment-friendly candidates in Democratic primaries received a lot of attention from the media. But nationwide, most establishment-friendly candidates won their primaries. What lessons will Democratic presidential hopefuls take from these successful establishment candidates? 

2. Will Republicans lose any "safe" Senate seats?

Is Trump's popularity in red states enough to bring voters to the polls when he's not on the ballot? As noted last week, although Republicans benefit from an overwhelmingly favorable Senate map this year, there is growing concern that they face competitive Democratic Senate candidates in several states that voted for Mr. Trump in 2016. 

3. How will Republican campaigns use Trump in the general election?

During the primaries, many major Republican candidates embraced President Trump and his policies. Meanwhile, Democrats have been exerting pressure on Republicans by highlighting their efforts to repeal Obamacare and by hitting the president's trade policies. Now that the primaries are over, which Republicans will be welcoming him on the campaign trail? 

4. Will the Trump administration's immigration policies on family separation and efforts to terminate DACA increase Hispanic turnout?

Democrats are hoping for record-breaking support from Hispanic voters to win back the House and maybe even the Senate. 

5. How will the Trump administration's trade policies affect the votes of farmers and agricultural workers in the midwest? 

President Trump's tariffs are hurting the profits of farmers across the Midwest. Will this translate into a drop in political support among some of his key supporters? 

6. Will women voters reject Trump in 2018? 

There are more Democratic women running for office than ever before as a referendum on Trump, but will Democratic women voters necessarily turn out to vote? Will the enthusiasm translate to voters? Will conservative and independent educated, suburban women vote for Democrats over Republicans?

7. How will the Mueller investigation affect the elections? 

The ongoing investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election continues to generate headlines. Last week, the president's former campaign chairman pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges including money laundering and tax fraud and agreed to cooperate with the special counsel in order to avoid a second trial. Will there be any further developments before the midterms? 

8. Will the Russians, Chinese, or some other foreign government try to interfere in the 2018 election cycle?

Federal authorities are warning campaigns to be on the lookout for foreign interference. Could we see hacked campaign emails or other foreign interference in the final weeks of the 2018 campaign?

9. Does a possible Democratic wave extend to state and local elections? 

While most of the media attention will focus on control of Congress, equally important is control of 36 governors' mansions and 87 of the nation's 99 state legislative houses that are up for election. 

10. Will Nancy Pelosi's unpopularity drag down Democratic House candidates? 

Republican House candidates across the country are pushing their Democratic opponents to disavow Nancy Pelosi and attempting to make the midterm elections a referendum on returning her to the speaker's office. If Democrats do win the majority, will she continue to lead the caucus? If they lose, who would  challenge her?

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