Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro under fire for expletive-laced video

Brazil’s collective jaw dropped when a profanity-laced video of President Jair Bolsonaro meeting with his cabinet was released by a Supreme Court judge and went viral.

The April 22 meeting is being investigated by prosecutors looking into claims by a former justice minister that the far-right Bolsonaro tried to interfere in federal police probes, AFP reported Saturday.

Snippets of the video showing Bolsonaro raging out of control were leaked a week ago, showing the leader of Latin America’s largest country denouncing political rivals as “sh-t” and calling the governor of Rio de Janeiro state a pile of “manure.”

In more excerpts of the video that played nonstop on Brazilian TV Friday, Bolsonaro said, “That’s why I want … the population to be armed. That’s what guarantees that some son of a bitch can’t just show up and install a dictatorship here.”

Bolsonaro also ranted about what he called a communication blackout from the federal police, or PF.

“I can’t be getting surprises in the news. Hell, the PF doesn’t give me information,” he said. “I can’t work like that. That’s why I’m going to interfere, period. It’s not a threat … it’s the truth.”

Bolsonaro claimed he was referring to watching out for his family’s security, not protecting anyone from investigation, AFP said.

“Another farce just collapsed,” Bolsonaro said. “There’s not a second in the video where someone could suspect I interfered in the federal police.”

Investigators removed remarks relating to foreign countries before the video’s release. According to Brazilian media reports, that included insulting comments about China, Brazil’s top trading partner.

Opposition leaders have asked investigators to seize Bolsonaro’s cell phone and that of his son Carlos.

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