Chiranjeevi may be late, but he is better and smarter than many young Telugu celebs in using 'it'

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Megastar Chiranjeevi might have created his accounts on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram very late, but he seems to be way better and smarter than youngsters like Jr NTR and Prabhas.

Chiranjeevi's contemporaries like Mohan Babu, Akkineni Nagarjuna and Venkatesh Daggubati have joined various social media channels long back and they often connect with their fans through them. The megastar's fans had been requesting him to join their league and connect with them every now and then.

Chiranjeevi with his family members

Chiranjeevi with his family membersInstaram

Finally, Chiranjeevi brought smiles on his fans' faces by creating his accounts on Instagram and Twitter on March 25 on the auspicious occasion of Ugadi. Without taking much time, the megastar became very active on his pages and took the lead in supporting the state and central governments in spreading awareness about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Chiranjeevi was probably the first Tollywood celeb to sense the problems faced by the daily-wage workers of the Telugu film industry. The senior not only donated for their welfare, but also used social media to request his fans and colleagues to contribute for them. He was successful in raising a huge amount of money support the workers through his Corona Chrisis Charity.

Chiranjeevi donates his blood to fight against coronavirus

Chiranjeevi donates his blood to fight against coronavirusTwitter

Besides, Chiranjeevi also appreciated and encouraged other celebs in spreading awareness about the COVID-19 and raising funds for the needy people. One can't deny the fact that he has been more aggressive and energetic than any young popular Telugu actor in tackling this situation. He even won praises from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his activeness.

Social media channels have helped the celebrities to directly connect with their fans and share a sneak peek in to their professional and personal life. They have also helped them battle the fake news and rumours. But most of the Telugu celebs except a few like Allu Arjun and Mahesh Babu have used them for their professional life and they have very little space to talk about personal life.

Chiranjeevi with his family members

Chiranjeevi with his family membersInstaram

However, Chiranjeevi has proved to be different from his Tollywood colleagues. Be it a colleague's birthday or other special days likes Mother's day, the megastar has an exciting, never-seen-before photo or video to share with fans. Each of his posts has given goosebumps to his followers on both Twitter and Facebook.

We have heard from many young actors about Chiranjeevi calling them over phone and wishing them on their birthdays or wedding or showering praises for their performance in their movies. But now, we are getting to witness it on his social media accounts. He never misses a chance to wish or bless his colleagues. Many celebs are surprised and delighted to see his kind gesture, which is a rare thing to come from a senior like Chiru in any film industry of India.

Chiranjeevi with his family members

Chiranjeevi with his family membersInstaram

Better late than never! Thanks to Chiranjeevi. His participation on social media has really brought a new zeal to the Telugu film industry especially during lockdown, which has posed serious threat to the industry. The Coronavirus scare has completely disrupted the workflow of Tollywood and it is sure to lead to fight and argument, which we are already witnessing. Everyone is hoping that Chiru would handle the post lockdown situation in a similar way and create a healthy atmosphere in the industry.

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