Viral and incorrect social media picture of Disha Salian and Sooraj Pancholi

Viral and incorrect social media picture of Disha Salian and Sooraj PancholiInstagram

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput and Disha Salian's death, rumours mills have been working round the clock to churn out various conspiracy theories and speculations. The puzzle around Sushant's alleged death-by-suicide has not only been given a 'murder' angle but has also been linked with the death of Disha Salian. A number of big names have been linked to the death of the two and the latest one to have been accused by the netizens and even some news organisations is Sooraj Pancholi.

Sooraj Pancholi with his friends

Sooraj Pancholi with his friendsInstagram

The claim

People have also been linking Disha Salian's death to Sooraj Pancholi. And it has also been alleged that Sooraj knew Disha and there could have been a foul play in her death. A picture of Sooraj with some other friends and 'Disha' has also gone viral on social media and WhatsApp. The same picture was also picked up by a media house and it was claimed that the woman Sooraj had his arms around was Disha Salian.

Disha Salian

Disha SalianSocial media

The fact

However, that's totally incorrect. Firstly, the picture is not a recent one and was taken in 2016. The picture also has Sooraj's co-star, Athiya Shetty. And secondly, the lady in question in the picture is not Disha Salian, as clearly visible. Sooraj Pancholi has revealed that the woman he had his arms around was his friend, Anushri Gaur, who doesn't even live in India.

Sooraj's outburst

Taking to Instagram, Sooraj slammed the picture and said, "Complete bullshit!! #FuckYouFakeMEDIA

Is this the media we are supposed to trust??

That girl in the picture which was clicked in 2016 is not "Disha Salian" that is my friend @agaur21 (Anushri Gaur) who doesn't even live in India ..

Please stop brainwashing people and PLEASE stop harassing me and dragging me into this !

Start being responsible of your actions as it can ruin someone's life !

I have said this before and I'm saying it again "I have never met or spoken to Disha Salian in my life"


I've had enough."

Some more pictures of Disha Salian

Disha Salian

Disha Salian.Disha Salian Facebook Page

Disha Salian

Disha SalianInstagram

A report of an alleged party at Sooraj Pancholi's house on June 13, a day before Sushant's death, has been making headlines. It has been alleged that several big-wigs were present at the party and it was something that happened there which might have triggered Sushant to take such a drastic step. BJP leader Narayana Rane had recently said, "Why were people present at Sooraj Pancholi's house party not questioned? On June 13 there was a party." Reacting to this, Sooraj had said, "They are dragging me into this for no reason at all. It's better I say nothing. Let them do what they have to."

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Viral image of Sooraj Pancholi with Disha Salian at a party

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