Ghislaine Maxwell could be back in New York in days, report says

Ghislaine Maxwell could be back in New York as soon as Sunday — but not to the same jail where doomed pedophile Jeffrey Epstein died, according to a report.

Instead, Maxwell — nabbed Thursday at a secluded New Hampshire estate after months on the run from child sex abuse charges — is expected to be held at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center before a possible court appearance early next week, said The Daily Mail.

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead of an apparent suicide in August 2019 in the Manhattan Correctional Center.

US Attorney General William Barr “personally called” Manhattan prosecutors to warn that “No harm must come” to Maxwell, a source told the tabloid.

“After the debacle with Epstein nothing can happen to her,” said the source, who added a plea deal is possible if Maxwell “has proof which will lead to the conviction of bigger fish.”

The FBI nearly had Maxwell at least once in the past year, in an extended “high-stakes game of cat and mouse” which costs millions but didn’t kick into high gear the feds secured an indictment against her, sources told the Mail.

“This has taken millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours. At least five million bucks, maybe more. The FBI has been tracking her for a year. They had her, then they lost her,” according to the Mail’s source.

“She was in Colorado and Wyoming, then they lost her until she showed up in New Hampshire.

“They had to build a case and put it in front of a grand jury.

“These things take time. She slipped through the net once but as soon as the grand jury came back with an indictment 10 days ago, it was on,” the source added.

The socialite was so stunned when the dozens of officers stormed the mansion, dubbed “TuckedAway,” that she didn’t even seem to be aware of the handcuffs.

“Let’s just say, we didn’t knock politely on the door. It was smashed down,” an officer told the Mail.

“Maxwell was up and dressed, in the living room, wearing sweat pants and a top. Strangely she didn’t seem to have much reaction. It was like it wasn’t registering with her.

“She was turned around quickly and cuffed. She was in custody in a matter of seconds.”

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