Parwinder "Pro Singh" is a well-known name in the Instagram Marketing World. He is well known for his creation of the Famous Marketing tool "InstaEASY". His elegant winning attitude makes the heads turn wherever he goes. He is multitalented, working into fields like Cyber Security, Web page Development, and Social Media Marketing. He began programming at the age of 14 by learning everything using Google and Youtube. Although his success has had its good share of struggles and challenges.

Parwinder Singh (ProSingh) was born in Punjab, India. Growing up in India as a teenager is hard especially when grades are all that matter for everyone and no-one encourages extracurricular activities. He got his initial electronic device at the age of 14, from the start he was curious about technology and within a year he was certified in Cyber Security.

He worked relentlessly to learn everything without any help. He launched his first app when he was just 15 years old. Most of the Apps and websites he created in start failed because he didn't have money to invest and experience but at age 16 he started working on a project which would change his life. InstaEASY was launched on 4 Oct 2018 without any investment which completely changed the life of ProSingh and helped him to reach more close to the point of success.

InstaEASY had a slow growth in the start but exceptional features and easy to use website led it to success within a year. ProSingh needed to do everything on his own when he started working on instaEASY, he was learning programming, SEO, marketing, and sales at the same time. It's been 2 years since the launch of instaEASY it did more than 20,000$ in sales and helped over 5,000+ Accounts to grow their presence on Instagram. ProSingh is still handling everything on its own. He is a workaholic, his winning personality and quick learning ability helped him to achieve success and helped him to gain thousands of admirers over the globe. If someone is looking to grow their social media influence then ProSingh is the person to look for.

We wish him all the best for his future and it was great meeting a young man who is so passionate about his work at the age of just 18.