Juror petitions to release grand jury information in Breonna Taylor case

A member of the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case filed a motion in Louisville, Kentucky, on Monday to have the sealed grand jury transcripts and records released.

The motion, filed in Jefferson County five days after the jury’s decision was announced, also asks that the jurors be allowed to speak on the case as a matter of public interest, according to the petition.

In the petition, an attorney on behalf of the anonymous juror notes that Kentucky Attorney General David Cameron made public statements that “attempted to make it very clear that the grand jury alone made the decision.”

“The citizens of this Commonwealth have demonstrated their lack of faith in the process and proceedings in this matter and the justice system itself,” the filing said. “Using the grand jurors as a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility for these decisions only sows more seeds of doubt in the process while leaving a cold chill down the spines of future grand jurors.”

Cameron announced last week that the grand jury had chosen not to indict any of the three officers who fired their guns in the police raid that killed Breonna Taylor with homicide charges. One former officer, Brett Hankison, faces charges of wanton endangerment for firing into a neighbor's home.

He pleaded not guilty Monday.

"Justice is not often easy," Cameron, the state's first Black attorney general, said last week to explain the grand jury's decision. "It does not fit the mold of public opinion, and it does not conform to shifting standards.

The juror wishes to remain anonymous while also “feeling compelled to act in a manner that promotes transparency, truth, and justice,” the motion said. Kevin Glogower, the attorney who filed the petition, did not immediately respond to phone calls and text messages requesting comment from NBC News.

The decision not to charge the officers with Taylor’s death from the botched March raid was met with outrage, as Taylor has become one of many names associated with police violence and racial inequity in recent months. Protests followed in Louisville as people demanded transparency and justice for Taylor.

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