Makers of Tomorrow: RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos

The real estate expert shares his take on the industry's future and how to lead amid ongoing uncertainty.

October 26, 2020 9 min read

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Makers of Tomorrow is a new series of Entrepreneur-exclusive interviews that extracts expertise and insights from the innovators of today who are shaping our future.

Real estate is an entirely different business than it was 20 years ago and, in many ways, very different than it was even one year ago. For the most part, that change has come about due to the influence of technology — emergent digital tools and software that have disrupted nearly every facet of the market. 

In addition to navigating the property technology, or proptech, phenomenon, real estate has been faced with the same difficulties as other industries worldwide — transitioning to remote work, dealing with supply chain breakdowns and managing the ongoing effects of a global pandemic.

If there’s anyone who understands these challenges and the types of creative solutions they require, it’s RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos. I recently caught up with him to get his take on the future of real estate and leadership in uncertain times.

With so much changing across not only the real estate ecosystem, but also the greater business landscape over the past few months, what leadership lessons have you been able to apply not only personally but also for RE/MAX as a whole?

There’s a saying that “uncertainty is resolved by constant communication” and this year has proven that it rings true. From the start of the pandemic, our executive leadership team focused on being visible, supportive and transparent with our 500+ employees and our RE/MAX and