Meghan McCain Turns on the GOP: “People Are Really Starting to Jump Ship”

Is Meghan McCain finally turning on the Republican party? This morning, The View co-host offered a harsh indictment of the GOP during a discussion about President Trump’s coronavirus response. While McCain applauded Republicans who have begun to “shift away from President Trump” on the issue of masks, she blasted others for staying quiet in the face of major political and cultural issues. “I don’t vote Republicans into office for them to be silent and, quite frankly, flat footed in the face of all of this,” she said. “We have serious problems in the Republican party right now.”

On Thursday morning, The View began its show — as it has for weeks — with an update on the novel coronavirus pandemic. The co-hosts tore into Trump’s about-face on masks, with Sunny Hostin noting that his newfound praise of PPE likely stems from the “growing chorus among congressional Republicans who are saying, ‘You’ve got to wear a mask.'” She added that even Vice President Pence and Fox News’ Sean Hannity have begun urging Americans to wear masks in public, which puts Trump in a difficult position. “We are losing the battle with the coronavirus,” said Hostin.

In a rare moment of unity, McCain actually agreed with Hostin, her ideological foil. “The point that Sunny is making is really important,” said the conservative firebrand. “As goes Fox News, as goes the president.”

McCain added that many conservatives are looking to Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, who has been “turning on the president” as COVID-19 continues to spread across the U.S. “He has basically apologized [by] saying that ‘Republicans that we have voted in office are abandoning you. They are not protecting you in lots of different ways,'” she said. McCain explained that Fox News’ recent dismissal of Trump could indicate two possible things: “That A) maybe Republicans think he is going to lose or B) are so disgusted with his response, not only to the coronavirus, but to a lot of the other issues that are going on.”

“We really have seen a lot of silence on Capitol Hill and from the White House in ways that have been, quite frankly, very shocking to me,” continued McCain. “There’s a real problem in the Republican party when Tucker Carlson is the figure that we’re all looking to.”

McCain was clear that Republican leaders’ silence could have long-term implications for the party. “People are really starting to jump ship,” she concluded. “And I think it has to do with the fact that the coronavirus is just not getting under control in the way that other countries have.”

Watch Meghan McCain tear into her own party in the clip above.

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