Mohit Verma's journey in becoming a Tech Blogger and Influencer

Mohit Verma's journey, one of the well known tech blogger and influencer on social media is quite interesting. He is a Mechanical engineer but he was always interested in technology, fashion and travel.

Soon, he turned his interests in this world and started blogging. He runs The Techgram which covers all the updates of present trending gizmos world, including all the innovations in Gadgets.

Mohit Verma started his journey with writing articles about the latest mobile phones launched in the country.

After gaining enough experience in the same, he shifted to Delhi to fulfill his dreams. His journey as a Tech blogger started as a part time act four years ago, when he handled it along with his higher education. It might have been a part time thing then, but it still took a lot of work.

With writing about technology, he also started influencing on his Instagram account (@itz_mohit_verma). When Mohit Verma started posting his day-to-day fashion photos and videos on his social media, a lot of people appreciated his looks and work. That's when he was cited as an influencer and a blogger. It has been 4 years since Mohit followed this path to fulfill his passion and things have worked very well for him.

Alongside a day job, Mohit shoots over the weekends and works before or after office hours to keep up with his followers on Instagram (his favourite social medium). Mohit's young and spread-out follower base can be seen excitedly interacting with him on his social media accounts.

He blogs mostly about Technology, Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. He considers blogging as a world where individuals can get drawn in with numerous new things and acquire information.

Blogs are like an open spot where everybody on the planet can come and realize many new things also share their own personal experiences. He has also collaborated with several amazing brands like- Amazon, Nissan, Shein, Vivo, Samsung with which he received a great response.

'I loved it all. The perspiration, the pressure, the battle, the surge, and the adrenaline. It made me acknowledge how much more determined I needed to be to succeed. What's more, that is the thing that I did and keep on doing.' Mohit Verma says.

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