NYC schools will reopen in September, de Blasio says

City schools will reopen — in some form — in September, Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed Thursday.

The nation’s largest school system will be subject to daunting limitations, with many principals staggering classes to comply with social distancing, he said.

“Schools will be opening in September,” de Blasio said. “Each school will have a number that is the maximum number of kids that can be in that school with social distancing using every conceivable space in that school.”

De Blasio said a survey of city parents found that 75 percent longed for schools to open on schedule.

The specter of continued remote-only learning next year is an unwelcome one for many working families who will be forced to find and finance daycare for their kids on days they can’t be in school during the week.

Distance learning has also drawn criticism from many city parents who say their kids are not receiving adequate live instruction and are fading academically because of it.

De Blasio said that buildings without enough space to house all students at once while distancing will stagger classes.

PS6 on East 82nd street in Manhattan
PS6 on East 82nd Street in ManhattanRICHARD HARBUS

That will result in the creation of several groups of kids who alternate between in-person classes and remote learning.

“That piece will be determined with the schools,” he said. “That’s an ongoing conversation with the unions to see what that final configuration will be. But it will be announced well in advance of school beginning so parents can plan.”

De Blasio said individual school arrangements will begin to emerge in the coming weeks.

City kids will be required to wear masks at all times while at school and facilities will be deep cleaned on a regular basis, he added.

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