Queen Elizabeth Stepping Down, Naming Prince William King?

One year ago, Gossip Cop looked in on a story claiming that Queen Elizabeth was stepping down and naming Prince William and Kate Middleton as king and queen of England. Did the prince and princess ever take the throne? Gossip Cop wants to check back in on the wild claims. 

The Queen Stepping Down Because Of COVID? 

This time last year, In Touch ran the shocking story, “The Queen Ends Reign After 68 Years! Will & Kate Crowned King & Queen!” The article spanned two pages and was full of titillating details. The cause for stepping down was accredited to the queen’s fear of contracting COVID-19.  

The magazine reported on the mournful end to Queen Elizabeth’s reign, Prince Charles’ disappointment at being passed over, and the young couple’s excitement for the beginning of a new era. Additionally, the report even goes into detail about who exactly will be invited to the coronation. The article was sure to add plenty of speculation about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s involvement in the proceedings.  

The article was reasonable in its assertions that the queen, at 96 years old, was taking precautions not to contract the coronavirus since her age put her particularly at risk for complications. The same went for Prince Charles at 71 years old, who actually did end up contracting the virus and making a full recovery. Where the article was inaccurate was just about everywhere else. 

The Queen Doesn’t Get To Choose Her Successors 

In the year since Gossip Cop covered this article, it’s become all the clearer that it was a work of fiction. The queen has not stepped down and has not made any efforts to edit the line of succession. She has maintained her intention to reign as long as she lives, and the pandemic hasn’t changed that. No to mention that it would be impossible for her to skip over Prince Charles even if she wanted to. 

No matter how badly the tabloids want it to be true, the queen has no say in who reigns after her. The line of succession is concrete, and Prince Charles is next in line. Besides, the article fails to provide any proof that any member of the royal family wants to make that change. To sum matters up, the article is entirely dependent on speculation. 

Old Tune For The Tabloids 

Gossip Cop is skeptical of anything In Touch has to say about the royals. The tabloid has shamelessly invented drama for the family for years. Gossip Cop also investigated the magazine’s incredulous claim that it was Princess Diana’s dying wish for Prince William to take the throne before Prince Charles. The publication even insisted again that Prince William would take the throne again with a $1 billion coronation. It’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic was just a new excuse for the tabloid to run its favorite old rumors.

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