Buying or selling a home can be exciting and thrilling, but it also takes patience.

“I advise all my clients to be smart, not to get hasty or impulsive, and it will happen. We will find the house that fits your goals,” said Rich Stone, a Realtor with Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty.

Stone brings a lot to the table when assisting clients with his experience and knowledge of the real estate industry, and more.

For example, Stone and a business partner built custom homes for years before he moved into being a full-time Realtor 10 years ago. So, he understands the different aspects of construction, from design to the final product, and all that entails. He can also help clients visualize spaces or possible renovations.

Moreover, he has built, bought, leased, and flipped several homes, so he has personal experience in the transaction process, renovations, and most of all he understands what his clients go through when buying or selling.

He is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

Stone hails from the financial industry in New York, where he worked as an investment banker.

He also holds an MBA in finance, so he is able to help clients understand the numbers as he educates them on value.

“I left Wall Street to come to Houston to partner with my brother building homes. My brother has always been in construction, and it was good to be close to him and his family,” Stone said.

Buying a home is often the largest purchase many will make.

“I love real estate because it is a service industry, and I like helping people. I love helping people find the home that meets their goals and walking through the process with them to closing. I also love working with my client selling their home. I like to get to know clients, and understand what they are looking for, so real estate is a good fit,” Stone said.

There is also the business side, negotiations, and the analysis aspects of each transaction in real estate that Stone enjoys.

“I focus on almost any area with a ZIP code beginning with 77, which is most of Houston,” Stone said.

Stone is known for being approachable, friendly, available to clients, working hard, as well as for his integrity and honesty. But most of all, his genuine care for his clients.