Red Cross: Halloween can be Both Safe and Spooky

"You don't have to cancel it, you just need to think of different alternatives to make Halloween fun," said Red Cross spokesperson Stephanie Rendon.

"Think about different ways of tossing that out. So if it's bagging it up and putting it outside, you just want to make that you are properly socially distanced and that you're wearing a mask when you're interacting with folks from your neighborhood," said Stephanie Rendon, spokesperson of the American Red Cross.

Stephanie Rendon of the American Red Cross tells me you can still have a spook-tacular time — whether you skip trick-or-treating or not.

You just may need to get creative.

She says consider other low-risk activities.

For example, you could use pumpkin stems for a ring-tossing game.

"There's a lot of fun things you can do at home, perhaps doing some pumpkin carving with your loved ones. Or, we're on video a lot, so doing a virtual Halloween costume contest could be fun," Rendon said.

The toughest part about this Halloween may be deciding where to draw the line on gatherings.

Rendon just recommends avoiding indoor crowded spaces.

"If you do want to gather with some friends, with some neighbors, do it outside. Just make sure that you have 6 feet of distance between you and them. And think of really interesting activities that you could do. You could do a Halloween costume parade, where you guys could walk around dressed up in your costumes and really enjoy each other and have fun," Rendon said. 

So, basically, be smart and keep taking those same precautions we're used to.

"Be safe, and be creative this Halloween. You don't have to cancel it, you just need to think of different alternatives to make Halloween fun. Really consider doing stuff indoors with your household, but if you are outside, just make sure you're wearing a mask and make sure you're properly socially distanced," Rendon said.

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