Rep. Adam Schiff Calls John Bolton ‘No Patriot’ After Excerpts From His Book Are Reported

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) does not believe former White House national security adviser John Bolton is any “patriot.”

Following reports on claims from Bolton’s upcoming book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir,” Schiff tweeted, “Bolton’s staff were asked to testify before the House to Trump’s abuses, and did. They had a lot to lose and showed real courage.”

“When Bolton was asked, he refused, and said he’d sue if subpoenaed,” the Democratic lawmaker added. “Instead, he saved it for a book.”

He then slammed Bolton as “no patriot.”

“Bolton may be an author, but he’s no patriot,” he tweeted Wednesday.

During the House’s impeachment inquiry, Bolton previously refused to testify and said he would only do so if a court weighed in on a subpoena by Schiff — the lead impeachment manager during the Senate’s impeachment trial.

In Bolton’s book, he claims House Democrats committed “‘impeachment malpractice’ by limiting their inquiry to the Ukraine matter and moving too quickly for their own political reasons,” according to The New York Times, who obtained a copy of Bolton’s book.

President Donald Trump also chimed in, tweeting overnight that the book is “made up of lies [and] fake stories,” and calling Bolton a “disgruntled boring fool who only wanted to go to war.”

Bolton’s upcoming memoir is one that “Donald Trump doesn’t want you to read,” according to the publisher.

Experts of Bolton’s book were published by The New York Times and The Washington Post. Bolton’s book is set to be released on June 23.

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