Starbucks announced several permanent and limited summertime menu items on Monday -- less than a week after the company temporarily shuttered thousands of locations to conduct racial bias training in wake of controversial arrests. 

“Starbucks is putting a flavorful spin on three customer favorites that will also become part of its permanent menu for participating stores in the United States and Canada,” the coffee giant announced in a release.

One thing that's here to stay: the Serious Strawberry Frappuccino.  

The company says it “begins with a swirl of strawberry fruit puree, followed by the Strawberries and Crème Frappuccino base, which is a blend of ice, milk, and our strawberry infusion blend. The beverage is then finished with another layered swirl of strawberry puree and vanilla whipped cream.”

The Chicken Chorizo and Tortilla Sous Vide Egg Bites, which feature “antibiotic-free chicken chorizo, chipotle salsa and corn tortilla strips,” and the Kitchen Sink Cookie will be permanently on the menu, too. You can get them on Tuesday. 


If you’re looking for other treats, Starbucks said its Frosted Doughnut Cake Pop, the Confetti Sugar Cookie and Summer Berry Swirl Croissant are limited-time items.  

Starbucks shuttered 8,000 of its company-operated stores on May 29 “for a conversation and learning session on racial bias” with its employees, or “partners,” as Starbucks refers to them.

The company announced it would be conducting a racial bias training back on April 17, less than a week after two black men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, were filmed being arrested at a Philadelphia location. 

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has since apologized to Nelson and Robinson. The men have also settled with the city of Philadelphia for $1, in addition to the promise of a $200,000 grant to fund a pilot program aimed at helping Philadelphia high-schoolers achieve their aspirations of becoming entrepreneurs.

In the lead-up to Tuesday's racial bias training, Starbucks announced on May 19 its "third place policy," which would allow anyone to hang out or use the restrooms in its stores, regardless of whether they purchase anything.

Both customers and employees have reportedly expressed concern over the policy. 

Fox News' Michael Bartiromo and Michelle Gant contributed to this report.