Tamar Braxton talks her 2018 big chop

Tamar Braxton says she shaved her head years ago because she felt so weighed down by her career and her divorce that she “just didn’t need any more weight — not even a strand of hair on my head.”

Back in late 2017, Braxton filed to split from Vince Herbert, and she says that around the same time she was battling the network that aired her reality show. By March 2018, she buzzed her hair. “My short hair represents my freedom,” Braxton told us, adding, “The way I was dealing with things wasn’t a way I was necessarily proud of . . . I was masking my feelings and it started with the hair.”

She’s co-hosting VH1’s “To Catch a Beautician,” out Monday, in which she helps “disgruntled clients confront the beauticians who wrecked their hair.” Meanwhile, she says of her sister Toni’s famed short locks on the cover of her 1993 debut album: “That haircut was not on purpose . . . I do believe it was a result of a hair catastrophe.”

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