After five weeks of adequate performance, the team that captured Super Bowl LII took off the training wings last night and flew high over the New York Giants. Taking down Eli Manning and crew at home 34-13 on Fox’s Thursday Night Football, the Philadelphia Eagles proved that they own the NFC East right now  – and America’s attention, it turns out.

Snaring a 10.8/19 in metered market results on the Rupert Murdoch owned net and NFL Network, last night’s TNF was a winner all round. Up almost 10% over last week’s New England Patriots win against the Indianapolis Colts in the early metrics. That’s the best TNF has done in metered market ratings since premiering on Fox this year.

Added to that, the primetime Eagles game last night was a nose of 1.8% ahead of the comparable CBS & NFL Network match-up of October 12, 2017 when the Philly team beat the Carolina Panthers 28-23.

Now, there is a slight caveat to this morning’s numbers with just 52 of 56 markets reporting in with the early numbers. Due to the horrific havoc of Hurricane Michael, Nielsen does not have TNF results from the football friendly Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond and Greensboro. In that context and with overall NFL numbers stumbling this season, the success of last night’s game with viewers is a very strong play for New Fox in the opening season of their multi-billion multi-year TNF deal.

We will, of course, update with those numbers as well as how the Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 crossover did on ABC, Big Bang Theory and the Murphy Brown reboot on CBS, Supernatural’s latest season debut on the CW and The Good Place and Will & Grace on NBC.

So, grab a coffee in the meantime or check out some of the Eagles’ action from last night: