TikTok Stars Dixie D'Amelio and Griffin Johnson's Breakup Just Became More Dramatic

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Breaking up is never easy—especially when it's done in the public eye.

At the end of July, E! News exclusively confirmed that Dixie D'Amelio and Griffin Johnson had split. And although the breakup appeared to initially be drama-free, things have taken a turn.

It all started earlier this week when Griffin dropped his new song "Convenient" that appeared to feature lyrics directed at his ex. 

"I'm not here to say I'm sorry / I'm not even gonna ask / You're the one that didn't want me / But I ain't tryna win you back," he sang in the apparent diss track. "She said I cheated / That's just f--ked up / But you believed it / Ain't that convenient?"

After the song's release, Hollywood Fix caught up with Dixie's sister Charli D'Amelio in Los Angeles who couldn't help but react to the track. "Didn't he cheat?" she asked. "Yeah, that's weird." Zing!

And on Sept. 23, Dixie herself officially responded to the music by sharing a TikTok video of herself listening to the song as screengrabs purportedly from Griffin's social media accounts appeared in the background. The images shown suggest he was not faithful during the relationship.


Dixie's video titled "real convenient" has received more than 5.8 million likes and more than 27 million views in 17 hours. E! News has reached out to Griffin's rep for additional comment.

Griffin's diss track comes just a couple of weeks after the TikTok star publicly apologized on Twitter to his ex for some of his actions.

"Our relationship was put out into the public out of our control and I have been taking heat ever since," he wrote on Sept. 1. "It was far from perfect on both sides as everyone has seen in the past week."

He continued, "I am sorry to everyone that followed me before and I disappointed as I'm not always proud of my decisions. Most importantly I want to publicly apologize to Dixie for the hurt that I have caused. I am human, I am not proud of some of my choices, but I will keep it real with everyone that follows me." 

Relationship drama aside, both parties are trying to keep life moving with their various businesses.

Dixie remains hard at work on her beauty collaborations with Morphe while Griffin is expected to appear in the "From Influencer to Investor" panel at E-Commerce Week LA with fellow TikTok stars Josh Richards and Bryce Hall.

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