Sonoma County detectives pored over surveillance video and cell phone records to identify two suspects in the violent sexual assault of a woman who was attacked after getting into what she thought was a ride-hailing car.

Fredi Analberto Lopez-Flores, 33, of Novato, and Christian Alejandro May Quintero, 24, of Sonoma, were arrested this weekend in connection with the April 14 incident.

Investigators spent 2,000 hours and served 20 search warrants to identify and arrest the suspects, who allegedly targeted a 24-year-old woman after she left a San Francisco bar and attempted to use a ride-hailing service to get home.

Instead, the woman got into an unknown vehicle and the driver took her to Sonoma, where she was beaten, choked and sexually assaulted by two men, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Investigators don’t believe the suspects were associated with a ride-hailing service.

Detectives reviewed hours of surveillance video from businesses and bridge cameras, identifying when the victim crossed the Golden Gate Bridge from her cell phone data.

From the videos, investigators identified a distinct black Dodge Magnum car with a blue neon license plate light and issued a flier with a picture of the suspect and the car description to local law enforcement agencies.

A Novato police officer recognized the suspect and the car from a recent, unrelated arrest and identified Lopes-Flores.

That lead provided authorities with the information necessary to obtain a search warrant for the suspect’s phone records, which indicated Lopes-Flores was in San Francisco and in the immediate area of the bar when the woman reportedly entered the car.

He was arrested on Friday on a $2 million warrant.

Quintero was arrested Saturday after detectives served a search warrant on his home, where physical evidence of the crime was located, investigators said.

“The suspects found the woman standing on the corner of Stanyan Street and Fulton Street in San Francisco, waiting for a ride on the morning of April 14 when Lopez-Flores drove up next to her,” said Sgt. Spencer Crum, a sheriff spokesman. “She had actually taken a ride share from Bruno’s Bar in the Mission District to this location accidentally and was waiting for a second ride share to get her home.”

According to investigators, Quintero violently beat and attacked the victim all the way to Sonoma and then in a Safeway parking lot once there.

At the parking lot, Lopez-Flores walked to a gas station and bought a condom and then returned to the car, where he sexually assaulted the woman, officials said.

The woman was able to escape shortly before 5 a.m., and was assisted by a Safeway employee. She sustained visible injuries to her face and neck, Crum said in a description of the investigation.

Lopez-Flores has been charged with eight felony counts related to the incident and is being held in the Sonoma County jail on $2 million bond.

Quintero has been charged with nine felony counts and is being held without bail.

Jill Tucker is a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer. Email: Twitter: @jilltucker