Blessings of Ramadan

A month of opportunity, and a month of change — Ramadan begins this year just as we welcome summer. This is the month that Muslims await all year long, and prepare for weeks ahead of time because of all the religious practices, fun activities, great food, and countless blessings.

Sharing food is one of the blessings we receive and give to our families and friends, to our neighbours and helping hands, and everyone around us. It is more than sharing a platter of delicacies but sharing the spirit of Ramadan and our prayers with it.

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While we may not be able to physically host iftar and sehri gatherings this year, we can still be together in spirit, which is one of the most wonderful things about this month. Be it through sending iftar to your loved ones or breaking fast with your friends through video calls, enjoying together always makes it special.

 Zakat plays a big part in sharing our blessings and making sure that everyone around us gets to enjoy the month to the fullest just as we do.

 It is also a great opportunity to spend time with children and teach them all about Ramadan and its significance. Children love to feel important and getting them involved in the process of meal preps and prayers is a great way to give them a new role, an opportunity we do not always get.

 And of course, it all ends with looking forward to Eid, and the many ways we get to spend and celebrate the day. There is just something special about shopping for Eid, more so for your relatives, friends, families, and loved ones than yourself. Preparing meals with your family, dressing up the home and yourself, exchanging gifts, and indulging in home-cooked delicacies all day long are just some of the many fruitful activities.

 The spirit of Ramadan is one you can feel even before the month actually begins, and one we want to hold onto even after the month ends. While some of us let go of bad habits, others adapt to good ones, and some of us learn in the process. All in all, it is a month full of virtues and while we still fight a global pandemic, it has in no way dulled our celebrations, as we continue to celebrate safely and indoors.

 We all want outlets that allow us to share and do good for the betterment of our loved ones and to put a smile on their faces and Ramadan provides us with more than ample opportunities and occasions to do so. So let us take these chances this blessed month, and enjoy it to the fullest while ensuring everyone around us can do the same.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

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