Fasting and feasting with Jhatpot

Against all recurring setbacks, we ought to be grateful to be blessed with yet another Ramadan. However, juggling between work and house chores can make it difficult to manage time for iftar preparation for busy office-goers. At the same while, don't we all look forward to a great meal at the end of a hectic day at office and an entire day of fasting?

This is where Jhatpot comes to aid by giving you the much required helping hand in the kitchen. Apparent from the brand name, their range of frozen food will enable you to prepare iftar in a jiffy with minimal time and effort, allowing you to fast and feast while eliminating the need to go through a laborious process of cooking.   

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These premade meals will satiate your appetite for homemade food, while letting you savour the taste of great quality food at the same time. Perhaps, the only factor to contest the foods' delectable taste is the fact that they only require basic preparation methods – frying, steaming or grilling!   

Whether you are craving tender momos or looking forward to crunchy samosas, Jhatpot has everything in their range. Jhatpot Wonton and Jhatpot Chicken Momo both contain a delicious chicken filling and require only a two-step procedure to prepare. Just tear open the pack and steam – it is that effortless!  

Jhatpot's array of frozen food has something in store to meet everyone's palate with which you can easily meet the demands of each family member. Simply shallow-fry Jhatpot Sausages and Jhatpot Chicken Nuggets for the children while you can simultaneously deep-fry Jhatpot Samosa and Jhatpot Spring Roll for the elderly, both of which come in three delectable avatars.

On occasions when you are in the mood to cook a full meal, Jhatpot will do half the prep-work for you! Jhatpot Chicken Meatball can be the perfect addition to your pasta while Jhatpot Chicken Burger Patty shall sandwich perfectly between the layers of bun and cheese in your burger.

Lastly, Jhatpot Deshi Paratha and Jhatpot Dal Puri, which has made itself an indispensable part of our iftar spread, shall meet the cravings of the authentic deshi in you. The soft flatbreads perfectly accompany any curry or vegetable while the latter is a complete crowd pleaser. This Ramadan, take it easy and prepare a fulfilling meal for the entire family using Jhatpot frozen food.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Food and Styling: RBR

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