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During Ramadan, iftar is when we are thirsty to its core. We need the perfect drink to quench our thirst first, before moving onto other things. If the drink is appetising, then the fatigue vanishes almost instantaneously, and the cells within our bodies are replenished. We no longer feel the urge to splurge on food unnecessarily, and can make healthy food choices instead; items that make us feel light and energised.

To be precise, during iftar time, the perfect drink is a god-send elixir, and Akij Food and Beverage Limited seems to have realised this very important need just-in-time before Ramadan 2021, as they have brought to the market thirst quenching, healthy drinks that are almost similar to a magical restorative potion.

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Their new product line — Shake, consisting of milkshakes in many variants, tastes smooth, silky and almost ice-creamish. You want to know more? Well, that was the idea from the beginning.

We raked through a grocery store to look for the much-hyped product, be in luck, since we discovered, not just one, but several variants of the milkshake, where particularly one immediately caught attention – the Kheer Milkshakes! Wondering how it would taste, I took one and gulped it down, the very moment we were out of the stores.

The feeling was overwhelming; the rich, creamy texture of the milkshake made it an excellent drink, especially after a long day out in the sun. The flavour reminded us, particularly of the home-made 'rice-kheer' made by mum, and the cold milk provided an immediate energy rush. It was magical indeed. 

The next drink that we tried, was the chocolate milkshake because we just had to, being a chocolate fan. As the name suggests, it was an amazing burst of rich flavours of luxurious milk chocolates.

That's not all, the shopkeeper promised more flavours like butterscotch, banana, strawberry, vanilla etc., to be available soon at all grocery stores  in and around the city and frankly this made us feel extremely excited.

If you thought this was it, you are definitely in for more surprise. We all know about Farm Fresh UHT flavoured milk by the same company. Only this time they have introduced more variants along with the old flavours like elaichi, butterscotch etc.

And the taste, well, they are as amazing as any high-quality flavoured milk can be. I don't know about the rest of you, but definitely these two drinks, particularly all the variants of the new Shake milkshakes and the Farm Fresh UHT flavoured milk drinks will be on my iftar menu daily, this Ramadan.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Food and Styling: RBR

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