No imminent targeted threat for Bangladeshi banks: Computer Council

Bangladesh Computer Council's e-Government Computer Incident Response Team (BGD e-GOV CIRT) said that they did not have any specific credible intelligence regarding any imminent attack in the financial infrastructure of Bangladesh. Sources in the ICT Division informed that no such imminent threat was raised to CIRT in the last few days that might be deemed out of the ordinary. 

When asked, Project Director of BGD e-GOV CIRT, Tarique M Barkatullah, confirmed that no such alert was raised by his agency in the last few days that might trigger any warning. "We have been routinely communicating with our global counterparts and so far, we haven't received any specific or credible threat." 

"However, that doesn't mean there is room to be relaxed. Every critical information structure needs to be vigilant," he told The Daily Star today. He also said that CIRT had no knowledge of the issued warning by Finance Ministry until media started reporting about it. The news of an imminent threat started to make headlines couple of days back when Financial Institutions Division of Finance Ministry issued a letter requesting financial institutions to take appropriate measures as 'BeagleBoyz', a North Korean state sponsored hacking group, might be making attempts to hack into online and ATM systems. 

Banks have been on high alert since then and have been cautious particularly over online and ATM transactions during night. However, the letter was not received by all banks. Kazi Junayed Un Nabi, Senior Assistant Vice President and member of IT Team of NCC Bank, confirmed to The Daily Star that his bank did not receive any such advisory from Finance Ministry. A senior official of Rupali Bank informed that the government issued notice was aftermath of an email sent to a bank, threating of a looming attack. The Daily Star, however, could not independently verify existence of such an email. 

The website of Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency of US shows last noted activities of the BeagleBoyz in August, 2020. According to cyber security experts, BeagleBoyz's activity has been limited in this region for a while but that does not mean they pose any less of a threat. 

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