Students hold rally in Manikganj demanding initiatives to curb climate change

Students of different schools, colleges and universities today organised a rally in Manikganj demanding necessary steps to mitigate the impact of climate change.

The rally organised by Dishari, a voluntary organisation founded with an aim to provide education to underprivileged children of different slum areas in the town, took place on the banks of the Kaliganga river at Beutha today, our local correspondent reports.

President of Dishari Hasan Sikder said, "The issue of climate change is a matter that affects 170 countries around the world, including Bangladesh."

Sham-Meem-Jopa, a class XII student of Manikganj Government Women's College, said, "We the children will be most affected by climate change. We will not be able to survive in society unless we take effective initiatives to prevent it now. Our next generation will not be able to survive."

Swapan Mia, a third-year honours student of Manikganj Government Devendra College, said, "We have to face the situation if the environment has been damaged by us. So, we have to take action to save the environment and our future."

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