Working from home in Wearhouse

For the past few months, working from home has become the norm for many, and as ex-office-goers struggle to maintain the balance between work and the distractions of the household, fashion has taken a backseat.

With that being said, casual attire and office wear are still necessary during online meetings and work events. To fulfil this requirement of both comfort and style, online store Wearhouse presents an array of casual, comfortable, and elegant clothing with their recent Fall Collection, catering to fit the 'work from home' criteria.

Tasnim Ferdous launched the online store in 2015 as a hobby to design clothes she wanted to wear but could not find in the market. A year later, she devoted herself full-time to the store.

Her background in architecture is heavily reflected through the prints and illustrations on the clothing through bold colours, print-based doodles and illustrations of our social surroundings and landmarks. Ferdous aims to create awareness regarding the architecture of Bangladesh through fashion and encourage local products by using local materials in the clothes.

The recent collection embodies the theme of 'working from home.' To stave off the feeling of isolation and confinement, the free-flowing clothes with cheerful and colourful prints instil a sense of happiness and calmness. Particularly, the new 'starfish' prints, inspired by Ferdous' own scuba diving experience, breaks the feeling of isolation by illustrating an underwater journey.

The original starfish doodles, handcrafted on pure cotton, come in bright summer colours in jumpsuits, pull-up kurtis, long dresses and so on. The breezy summer clothes transport nature indoors through soothing colours and floral doodles, which come in varieties of styles including boat necks, half sleeves and cape sleeves, tassel pull ups, side pockets and many more, all in soft fabric to keep one comfortable and fashionable at home.

Starting from kurtis inspired by underwater elements, kurti-palazzo sets to long dresses in different cuts and colour variations to 'Noyontara' kaftans and jumpsuits, the clothes come in breathable fabric, suitable for both work and leisure.

The clothes come in sizes ranging from 34 to 50 to make sure no one is left out. Ferdous attributes the availability of the wide range of sizes to promoting body positivity as "it does not matter what your height is, what the colour of your skin is, as all you need is confidence to feel good about yourself."

Wedding events and brides have not been overlooked. Warehouse takes up bridal events to produce colourful and detailed illustrations to fulfil the bride's requirements and fit the wedding theme. Of course, this requires at least three-months' prior notice and appointments to create detailed samples before achieving the final garment.

With the recent focus on hygiene and sanitation, Warehouse guarantees full precautionary and safety measures. The production site is sanitised daily and for extra measure, only one person handles the product, maintaining all safety regulations. Additionally, they have paused hosting showcases for their products till the situation improves but are open to appointments for which customers are requested to reach out either through the Facebook page or through Instagram at wearhouse_bangladesh.

Their diverse products are not only limited to those living in Bangladesh where home deliveries take about three to four days, but also available to other countries as they ship internationally.

Wearhouse has something for everyone. Even if one cannot find the style their heart desires, they also sell separate fabrics allowing customers to make and customise their own clothes according to their comfort. Moreover, the store will be launching its vibrant Puja Collection on 17 September. This collection will feature reversible saris and other festive silk attire bejewelled in sequins with a jovial colour theme, along with subtle yet celebratory outfits for those planning to spend the festival season in the comforts of their home.

Ferdous is driven to work with desi products, cheerful colours and detailed prints. Having something for every style requirement, she hopes to encourage people to buy locally and perhaps even spread the beauty of the Bengali style and tradition breaking geographical boundaries. 

By Puja Sarkar

Photo Courtesy: Wearhouse

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