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We have so many crises in many sectors of society; education, economy, politics, family etc, and this basically is the result of crises in manhood. Many men suffer from identity crises. They define themselves by externals. The type of car they drive, the type of houses they live in, the kind of professions they are in, and so forth. These may add something to their self-image, but cannot really define who you are as a man. Real manhood is actually found within the heart of a man, and has nothing to do with money, talents, gifts and abilities, among others. The quality of the inner man is what is real about a man. The answer to male identity and role is found in the Creator.

Our generation of men seems to lack understanding of the normal values that undergird a productive family or society. The essence of manhood is actually fatherhood. A father is a source, origin, foundation, sustainer, provider and protector. Therefore fathers should be the source of righteousness, peace and joy in the family and society. We are living in a world which has mixed up and substitute values. We often throw away people and keep things.  Real men recognise truth and align their lives with it. You must know that some things are more important than others; wisdom is more important than rubies, love is more important and superior to sex and a good name is better than riches. Your value system is either created by God, you or others. Whoever dictates your values becomes your god.  


We need to understand that individual rights cannot be more important than the corporate good of your family or society. Fathers are key in providing the family’s value system. The greatest value of a father’s legacy is the values and faith he leaves in the lives of his children. What are you modelling before your children? What are they learning from you as a father?
We must know that everything in life has value, whether actual or perceived. We must not take things for granted; especially the time that God has given us to make a difference as men and fathers. Time has built-in value. Time wasted is lost. Time spent uselessly is gone. Time invested is multiplied through our generations. Time is a critical ingredient in successful fathering. Spend time on that which is valuable, your marriage, wife and children. To maximise your manhood you must embrace real values and God’s vision for your life as a father.
A father must be a leader. He must provide leadership for his children and wife. This is not dictatorial powers, but rather a leadership of positive influence.

Headship does not imply superiority, but rather an office of service and responsibility to give the family direction, order and vision. To be a father is a great responsibility because you are affecting generations. You are the author of your own personal legacy. Everything about you and what you do matters and it is not just personal but generational. You are not just living, you are leaving a legacy. It is never too late to change or become a better man. Today can be the beginning of your journey to becoming a better man and a great father.