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NEW YORK – This is the challenge posed to Eswatini nationals currently employed by reputable corporations in the United States of America.

They have been strongly encouraged to use their wealth of experience to invest in the kingdom. According to His Majesty, they should not be afraid of having ambitious objectives, because no nation has ever developed without the participation of its citizens. With the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), a gateway to opportunities on the African market, he noted that emaSwati have their work cut out for them.

The King stated that the experience and networks that emaSwati are establishing must be utilised to develop the country through this trade facility. He also emphasised that the African Union had a road map called Agenda 2063, which may seem like a distant dream, but the reality was quite the contrary, given the required investments in the development of road and communication infrastructure, the promotion of tourism, and the optimum use of natural resources.


“We need to add value to the natural resources to avoid exporting raw material that we subsequently import as finished products from abroad at exorbitant prices. This requires substantial technological investment,” he said.
The King further stressed the need to capitalise on digital trade using the lesson of the lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic, where businesses were compelled to trade online.

“A number of businesses were able to utilise this opportunity to its fullest and a few business people emerged as billionaires. We must not look at such opportunities as far-fetched or beyond the capacity of emaSwati.” “All countries start from humble beginnings, but grow from their focus and determination. They do not wait for a Messiah. The real Messiahs are the locals. You are now potential investors. You now have the networks to make it work,” said the King.

He encouraged emaSwati to learn how to maximise networking through effective structures that can penetrate large markets. We need to look beyond our own country. “I am happy to note that we have experts who can serve as consultants to address the challenges we face back home. This must be accomplished by emaSwati, who, in order to do so, must capitalise on their education as well as the international experience that many of you are accumulating at the firms at which you are currently working here,” he said.

The King was speaking at a gathering of emaSwati, who had assembled to introduce themselves to the Monarch. This function has become a norm whenever the King is on a foreign assignment in nations that have a significant population of emaSwati. Some of those present are employed by large financial and investment corporations like Morgan Stanley and the Gordon Brothers.

The King described the experience being gained by the Diaspora as highly valuable, given the advanced systems that exist today.“When the right time comes, we trust you will come back home to uplift your country. We hope you will expand the growth of your companies by opening branches in Eswatini,” he said.


His challenge to the group was to contribute to the transformation of Eswatini into one of the wonders of the world.
In addition, he urged the locals to leave a positive legacy in the United States, whether studying or working, so as to preserve the reputation of the country and its people in the United States. His Majesty also noted that the nation is presently engaged in national elections, which are anticipated to produce the 12th Parliament, from which a new government will be formed. He praised the enthusiasm of the large number of voters who enrolled, which he described as very encouraging.

“We are praying that all will proceed well, peacefully and in unity. We must all work towards developing the country so that it can become an African wonder. “It is pleasant to see you in person after a lengthy absence caused by the restriction of our engagements by health regulations. We are confident that the COVID-19 pandemic will not return to torment us. “We also hope that those who reside far away will be able to see us the next time we visit. Please convey our best wishes, and we wish you success in both your education and your career,” he said.