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Power is good, but it can be very destructive. I have never met a person who does not want to be powerful in some way or the other. Our God Almighty is so powerful that He makes the impossible possible. We too, to some extent, want that kind of power. Unfortunately, because we are not God, we have to be blessed with power and authority. We have to work hard to earn power and go the extra mile. Unfortunately; people are so power hungry to a point of enforcing power at whatever cost. Some even murder just to have power.  


It is funny to me when people want powerful positions even if the salary is quite low as what matters most to them is the powerful job title that they believe will bring them honour and respect. We have seen a number of conflicts arising from power sharing problems. People do not want others to be more powerful than them; hence the outbreak of civil wars in so many countries. Some even breach policies simply because they have the power to do so; and whosoever dares to challenge them faces the risk of being fired. Gender-based violence is also a power deed.


Men, especially, beat up their wives to remind them who wears the pants in the house. They resort to hitting their wives and children because they feel they are being disrespected; thus stripping them off their ‘power’ of being the head of the family. Most wives are sent back home to be strongly spoken to because the husband alleges that she does not respect him and accord him the power he deserves. Power, in my opinion, is not what most people think it is. Power, like leadership, is not a status that will make people tremble at your sight. To be powerful means being a servant for your people and doing all you can and beyond to empower as many people as possible.


Just like leadership, many people believe that being a leader means having followers; I believe being a powerful leader is empowering the people you lead to a point where they supersede and reach their optimal potential, even if it means they become better than you. That is power, because those people would not have had the opportunity of being the best that they can be without your generousity of according them the opportunity to present their best potential and capabilities. A powerful person is a person who will use what he has to empower the next person, and not want to possess all the power to himself or herself.